Fashion Nova has launched its most outrageous outfit yet – the £42 'watch me whip' lace up jumpsuit… and everyone’s very confused

The 'watch me whip' jumpsuit is the brand's most outrageous outfit yet, a £42 lace-up jumpsuit which leaves almost nothing to the imagination.

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From the back, it looks like an ordinary black jumpsuit – which you'd happily wear to dinner with your parents.

But turn around and it's a totally different story.

The top is in a waistcoat design, exposing a lot of cleavage, while the thigh is completely exposed from the side and the front – with only the most intimate areas covered by a bizarre cut-out pair of shorts.

Fashion Nova shared a snap on Instagram, where it's racked up 59,000 likes, but it's also raised a lot of questions.


One shopper commented: "what the f*** is this lol", while another wrote: "who would wear this it looks uncomfortable af".

A third said: "This is ridiculous", and another asked: "How do you even pee in this".

If you're wondering if anyone actually buys these creative costumes, we can confirm that Fashion Nova has 16 glowing 5-star reviews on the website.

One verified buyer wrote: "It fit me so great!!!!!! And I looked amazing", while a second said: "Loved this outfit. It’s true to size, so appealing. Got so many compliments".

Another lady shared: "It's very sexy and fits perfectly can't wait to wear it on my birthday."

If you are brave enough to bare all, make sure you allow seven to 13 business days for your order to arrive – as Fashion Nova is a US company.

Shipping to Britain costs £6.88 ($8.99), or is free for orders over £114.75 ($150).

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