Former Love Islander Camilla Thurlow, 28, chats her beauty regime, beau Jamie Jewitt and this year's Love Island

I get up at 8am, but I set my alarm for half an hour before I get out of bed. I start the day with a coffee and some blueberries with yoghurt.

My beauty regime in the morning is quite simple – I use an in-shower moisturiser then Nivea Soft Moisturising Cream on my face after because it’s quite light and I’ve used it for years.

I’m such a creature of habit. My days often vary, but I always get up, get dressed, check my emails, then have meetings or do some writing on my laptop.

I’m writing about my life before Love Island, plus my boyfriend [2017 Love Island co-star Jamie Jewitt, 28] and I are trying to get a volunteering trip organised. I sometimes meet my older sister Josie for lunch – we went for a picnic in the park last week.

My handbag is really messy and it’s way too big. I’m one of those people who keep a drawer full of cables for every device they’ve ever owned because they can’t bear to get rid of them.

I’ll always have lip balm in my bag. At the moment I’m using a Glossier one, which I really like. Then I’ll have my keys, money, phone, charger, a bottle of water, tissues, hayfever tablets and a Peperami for emergencies!

In the afternoons I’ll squeeze in an exercise class. I played lots of team sports when I was younger, so I like going spinning because it makes me feel like I’m part of something. I try not to spend too much time on my phone, but I do have to check in with it every day.

I don’t really have apps. Everyone makes fun of me – they look at my phone and say: “You do realise you’re using your phone like a ‘90s Nokia.”

On weekends we like to visit Jamie’s parents in Essex. I was brought up in the countryside, so it’s nice to get out of the city to somewhere green, get a takeaway and watch the boxing because it’s Jamie’s favourite.

If we’re in London, we like to do something fun in the evening, like play darts or go bowling.
Other times, I’ll make a nice cosy meal such as jacket potato with guacamole or smoked salmon and cream cheese, then we’ll watch something on TV and relax.

Of course we’ve been enjoying Love Island. I was nervous before the first episode because I wondered if I’d go through all those emotions all over again.

But even though it’s the same place, it’s totally different people, so you just get absorbed in their journeys.

I can sleep anywhere. When I worked abroad [as a bomb disposal expert] I’d live in very basic conditions. In Zimbabwe I was in a remote camp in a very hot tent, while in Cambodia I had a hammock and in Georgia I slept in a shipping container.

I’m not bothered by dirt or insects. There are no mirrors or showers. Living like that taught me to keep things simple. At home, I nod off at 11pm after reading a novel.

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