Former Made In Chelsea star Rosie Fortescue talks work-heavy days and avoiding hangovers at all costs

I’ll wake up about 7am and drink a big glass of water before getting into my workout gear.

I love my early gym class, which is normally yoga or Pilates at 7.30am in Kensington.  I recently stopped doing high-intensity exercise at the gym because as I’ve got older I’ve learnt that my body reacts better to being calm than in a sweating frenzy.  

Breakfast is always smoked salmon and scrambled eggs, which I’ll have before heading to the office for around 9am.

My days are always work-heavy. Since I launched my jewellery brand two years ago, it’s been pretty non-stop and I only have one intern helping me.

My office is a shared creative workspace just off the King’s Road, and that’s where I shoot stuff for projects or for my Instagram and blog.

I get hungry around 1pm, and tend to eat lunch at my desk.

I’m intolerant to onion and garlic – which are basically in everything – so most of the time I’ll just go to the supermarket and buy bits I can put together myself.

I have an unhealthy Starbucks addiction. Every day I have to go to the post office to send orders, and without fail I’ll pick up a matcha tea latte from next door.

It’s an expensive habit, but they’re so good I can’t resist.

I’ll also get some walnuts or pineapple to snack on at around 4pm when I’m on my way to meetings, which could be with a PR or discussing collaborations with friends.

There’s always time for a little pampering. Facials bring me back to life when I’m feeling stressed or exhausted.

I might book one in for around 5pm, or I’ll do my own face mask later when I’m home. On Sundays I prioritise having a bath and deep-conditioning my hair over everything else.

Around 6.30pm I head out to get groceries for dinner. I love cooking, though I try to eat out with the girls or my twin sister Lily at least once mid-week for a catch-up.

I love living on my own. I’m the type of person who needs their space.

In the summer evenings I’ll often visit art galleries or exhibitions by myself, or chat with a friend over the phone.

I’m not a huge TV lover, but when I do indulge I’ll put on a Louis Theroux documentary – I could watch him all day.

I can’t take any form of hangover. I’m really health-conscious, so I limit drinking to once or twice a week, and even then I massively struggle the next day.

When I’m staying in, I try to be in bed by 10pm but I struggle to doze off until about 11.30pm, especially when it’s hot.

I wake up in the night loads, so it’s better if I start to wind down early.

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