Glamour modelling broke my marriage but now I’m helping traveller teen into the business – so she won’t have to cook and clean like I did

MODEL Danielle Mason's career almost cost her her marriage, but she's still happy to be helping a teenager traveller break into the industry.

The star, whose half sister is Jessie Wallace, opened up about the difficulties she's faced when trying to juggle her glamour modelling career while being married to traveller Tony Giles in last night's episode of Gypsies Next Door.

Non-traveller Danielle married Tony in 2012 but they split in 2016 because he didn't agree with her job – although they've since reunited.

“It was the glamour modelling that drove us apart because he was quite jealous,” she tells The Sun Online.

“But we’ve come to an agreement that I involve him and run everything past him, so he’s more chilled now.

“Tony is very open-minded but a lot of traveller men would not accept that.

“I always do cooking, cleaning and housework – I’m very on top of that but then I have my career at the same time so I live the best of both worlds really. I’m quite lucky.”

'Your future is all about a man'

Danielle is proud she “put her foot down” about being a working mum, and it’s why she’s helping a traveller teen break into modelling too.

Scarlet’s quest to make it in the industry featured on last night’s episode of  Gypsies Next Door.

The 18-year-old was seen strutting the catwalk in the Miss Swimwear UK pageant, dressed in a modest one-piece which immediately sets her apart from the other bikini-clad contestants.

“There’s certain things we can’t do, like nudity,” Scarlet says. “We can’t show too much. We can’t wear a bra. We have to be covered up. You don’t hear of many traveller girls becoming models.”

“It’s like asking a Muslim to take off their scarf. It’s about decency. It’s about how you present yourself to a man,” she says. “If you dress like a slut he’ll think you’re a slut.

“Behind every woman there is a man. Your future is down to finding a man to make you happy. And you’ve got to give them something to respect.”

But the teenager is also adamant that she won’t be a typical “traveller wife”.

“I will not slave for a man," she says. "If you want your dinner get your own dinner.”

While her career is important to her, Danielle thoroughly agrees with many traveller values.

She and Tony have seven-year-old Rudy and Delilah, five, together, and they are being raise just as Tony was.

“Delilah is brought up with the values of a travelling family,” she tells The Sun Online.

“I do agree with a lot of the traveller morals. For Delilah, I agree with the no sex before marriage, but with Rudy, with the boys, it doesn’t matter in the traveller community.

“Delilah needs to know how to cook and clean. She already helps me, using all the cloths and cleaning products.

"She knows the little cleaning ritual we have to do before school with the cleaning and all her toys have to be tidied away. And Delilah tends to pick up after Rudy."

'Rudy's on a pedestal'

Family friend Danielle is seen cheering as Scarlet gives it her all, but she still has a lot of time for the traveller way of life.

Rudy and Delilah go to a mainstream school near their home in Ascot but Rudy spends his free time on a traveller site, where his cousin and best friend Mark lives, which Danielle says, “teaches him both ways of life.”

“I am a bit of a travelling mother,” says Danielle. "Tony’s mum worships the ground Tony and all her boys walk on, and they can do no wrong and I’m like that with Rudy.

“I don’t always know I’m doing it but traveller boys are put on a pedestal.  If anything was to happen to Tony, Rudy would become the man of the house.”

‘I feared the phone call to say Tony was dead’

In Danielle’s case, that fear was all too real before his latest stint in prison, earlier this year.

Filming on the Channel 5 show was already underway when Tony, who expected to walk from court with an electronic tag, was sent down for driving offences in February and was released two weeks ago.

“I worry about Tony because he is very wild,” she says. “It sounds negative but he hangs around with wild boys and I worry that I will get a phone call to say he’s been in a terrible accident.

“Before he went to prison there was a police chase and I worry that if he’s under pressure he would veer off the road.

“He’s got a tag at the moment so he has to be home by 7 o’clock so at least I can keep an eye on him.”

Tony is now staying on the “straight and narrow” and concentrating on his new sunbed shop, which recently opened in Ascot.

Danielle – half-sister to EastEnders star Jessie Wallace – says the Rudy and Delilah are thrilled that she and Tony are back together.

“That’s all the kids ever wanted,” she says. “When their dad wasn’t there it was always, ‘Where’s daddy?’ and when they went to their dad’s it was, ‘Where’s Mummy?’  Daddy wasn’t allowed another girlfriend and Mummy wasn’t allowed a boyfriend. They wanted Mum and Dad together.

“That’s a very traveller thing. You stay with the same man and you try and work through your problems.”

The former Page 3 girl says she is “loved up” at the moment even though the couple still “clash a lot.”

And she reveals that they are planning to re-tie the knot soon – as comic book characters.

“We were watching Harley Quinn last night and I said ‘I might dress as Harley Quinn on our wedding day.’ Tony said ‘Yeah and I’ll be The Joker’.

“We might go to a registry office or a little chapel and get dressed up for a laugh.”

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