Grab your BFFs and get the wine in because it’s National Girlfriend Day… and here's our fave celeb gal pals

Why? Because today is National Girlfriends Day and we're using it as the perfect excuse for an impromptu girls night.

Whether you're catching up over a glass wine or going for a nostalgic night on the town, this annual occasion is best spent with the ladies who are nearest and dearest to you.

You know the ones. The "ride or die" girlfriends who have seen you at your very best and all-time worst.

From carrying you home after a few too many Aperol Spritzes or rewatching The Princess Diaries with you for the millionth time after you got ghosted, some of these ladies deserve a friendship medal. Or at least a glass of celebratory wine…

As fictional girl squad Queen Carrie said in the final episode of Sex and the City: "The say nothing lasts forever. Dreams change, trends come and go, but friendship never goes out of style."

To properly celebrate the special day, we've picked some of our favourite celebrity gal pals who provide all the friendship inspiration.

Courtney Cox and Jennifer Aniston

Besties both on screen and off, Jennifer Aniston and Courtney Cox's friendship spans over twenty years.

From starring in hit television shows to coping with public break-ups, these two are basically a real-life Monica and Rachel. Fact.

Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid

Supermodels by day, BFFs by night.

Although Kendall and Gigi are super private when it comes to taking openly about their friendship, these two megastars are total 21st Century friendship goals.

Beyoncé and Kelly Rowland

From their Destiny's Child days to now, Beyoncé and Kelly Rowland there's no coming between this musical BFF duo.

You know what they say, those that slay together, stay together.

BRB just off to go call our BFF…

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