Grandad shows how he cooks mouth-watering meals for four on just £25 a week

A SAVVY grandad has revealed how he makes breakfast, lunch and dinner for him and his three grandkids for just £25 a week. 

Deit Deitreich-Briggs, 70, from Birmingham looks after his grandchildren five or six days a week so that his two daughters can work.

Widower Deit has a tight budget on his pension, but manages to find tasty and healthy meals for Lacey, eight, Indie, six, and Zayn, six.

The day starts for Deit at 7am, when the kids are dropped at his house, and the youngsters do 10 mins of homework while he whips up some pancakes, cereal, porridge or yoghurt. 

He provides Lacey with a packed lunch to take to school, while the other two children have school dinners. 

Lacey usually gets a sandwich on brown bread, flavoured water, a Babybel, a small yogurt or a biscuit for her midday meal. 

He then goes to his job as a yoga instructor, before it’s time to pick the kids up at 4pm and take them to clubs like football, swimming and the gym. 

Deit also cooks healthy, homemade versions of dishes like fish and chips, pizza and mini toad in the holes for dinner, before their parents pick them up at 6pm. 

Meanwhile at weekends, the kids help Deit make chocolate and vanilla cakes. 

Deit said the key to keeping costs down is to plan meals ahead, use honey instead of sugar, go to budget supermarkets and ensure nothing is wasted. 

Speaking to Birmingham Live, Deit said: “I love having a close bond with my grandchildren and wouldn’t want it any other way.

"I enjoy making all our food from scratch, ensuring it's healthy and balanced, and teaching the children to cook too.

"We have an extremely good breakfast every day and then they go off to school laughing and happy. They are doing well and are happy, they’ve got that stability."



Cereal, pancakes, porridge, yogurt and berries


Packed lunch for Lacey of a sandwich, yogurt or biscuit, Babybel, flavoured water.

During holidays he makes lunch for everyone.


Changes daily and can include

  • Pizza and salad with snack for school clubs e.g. a pain au chocolat
  • Ham and cheese flatbreads with salad and biscuit or cake, plus brioche snack
  • Chicken and veg pasta with French bread and cake
  • Chicken nuggets and chips, with cake or pancake or biscuit

His daughter Amii Deitreich-Worthington, 39, is a corporate travel consultant, meanwhile his other daughter Zita Deitreich-Irving, 43, works as a part time legal secretary – and both contribute £20 per month to help Deit.

Amii works full-time, along with husband Ross, who is a shift manager, and she said it’s nice that her kids spend quality time with their grandad. 

Zita works part-time, so son Indie goes to his grandad’s house three days a week, and Zita helps out with the school run on the days she is off. 

She said she wouldn’t be able to work and raise a family without Deit’s help, and added: “It means by the time me and my husband get back from work, Indie has had his dinner and so he doesn't have to wait to eat at 7pm at night.”

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