Hairdressers could charge more for overgrown roots and DIY dye fails when they open tomorrow, customers warned

DESPERATE Brits can finally put an end to their mane misery with hair salons officially reopening tomorrow.

And while we've been told of a number of changes throughout our visit going forward – including no blow dries, perspex screen and carefully measured out stations – it seems we should also expect to pay more to fix our troublesome lockdown hair.

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A leading hair salon in Ireland, Peter Mark, announced that customers will be charged an extra €60 (£54) if they've used at-home dye kits during lockdown.

And since many desperate Brits turned to DIY colouring during lockdown – with varying degrees of success – the idea has left many people understandably annoyed.

Peter Mark, which has 60 salons across Ireland, also told customers that those with longer then usual roots will be charged an additional "regrowth" fee to cover the amount of work, and product, involved in correcting the hair.

The salon announced it's new policies on social media this week explaining they would be introducing a "colour extend service," a "colour detox service," and a "colour restore service."

The statement read: "To adjust for the time that has elapsed since your last salon service our teams may need to perform one of three technical applications.

"These are to address long regrowth, uneven or patchy colour and hair that has faded. These additional technical services may require a longer appointment time and should be factored into your salon visit."

Potential customers were left fuming with many dubbing the move "disgraceful".

One wrote: "Well you will be pricing yourself out of business as people won't come in on principle!!"

While another said: "Disgraceful when people show loyalty to ur business. Will never go back after this."

A spokesperson for Peter Mark explained to The Irish Mirror that clients could face the added costs so stylists could"restore their hair to its former colour" adding that it "will take extra time and product."

They said: "A client can say they don't want the extra service based on the consultation with their stylist.

"However if the stylist has examined their hair and feels it's necessary, it would come with the caveat that all of their grey for example might not be covered if they decided not to go for the extended root growth service," they added.

While this new policy isn't something that'll be enforced by all salons, some people have reported their hairdresser also charging extra for PPE – which is a requirement suggested by the British Beauty Council.

Taking to Twitter one user claimed that she was told by her hairdresser that"all salons have been told to charge clients/customers for PPE and additional costs to cover the business for loss of clients".

Meanwhile, another user said their eyebrow salon was charging extra for PPE, too saying: ""It's not just hairdressers. My Eyebrow salon wants to charge €5 per person/apt for their PPE!!!"

And another added:"I had a call from my salon today as I had an appointment booked a day before everything closed, she told me that I can book but the salon is doing 1/2 days for each stylist with only two in the salon at one time and the have a charge for the PPE they require me to wear."

Fabulous Digital has also contacted Peter Mark for comment.

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