How DIY fans are decorating their homes for Christmas on a budget – from cardboard gonks to wire garlands

WHEN you add up the cost of your tree, wreath, garland and any other festive bits lining the walls of your home, there's no denying that Christmas decorations can set you back a small fortune.

Well if you're wanting to cut back the costs without compromising on the festive fun, then you might have to try out these easy DIY projects.

From wire garlands to cardboard nutcrackers, savvy mums have been sharing the simple ways they've got their homes looking festive on a budget.

And we're warning you now: you might just lose your entire weekend to these Christmas-inspired tasks.

Wire garland

Posting on her TikTok account, crafty mum Jennie Dambrosio revealed how she makes a stunning Christmas garland using just two household items.

In the clip, Jennie starts by sticking several adhesive hooks around the doorframe.

She then hooked some wire mesh on top of them and started decorating it with clip-on silver and red baubles.

After this, she threaded different coloured tinsel around the baubles to complete her festive arch.

The clip has been viewed over 4.1 MILLION times on TikTok – and fans were amazed by how easy it is to do.

One replied: "ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS and excellent idea."

Another wrote: "I hope you don't mind but I'm definitely stealing this idea for my apartment entrance."

Cardboard Nutcracker

When Michelle Keegan and Mark Wright unveiled their incredible Christmas decorations, we became obsessed with the idea of adding an enormous nutcracker to our collection.

But while the celeb couple shelled out £1000 for two, one savvy mum revealed how you can make your own out of leftover cardboard.

An amazing step-by-step breakdown of the process was shared on the Facebook group Christmas The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year.

They started with a large piece of cardboard which appears to be a cylindrical heavy-duty tube from the construction company Sakrete.

As for arms and legs, the DIY fan used smaller cardboard tubes and added two empty yoghurt pots for feet.

After doing a white undercoat, the mum added a black base for the hat before painting on a pink face and blue trousers and finishing off with a red coat.

Santa Door

Why stop at a wreath when it comes to decorating your door? Because if you take a leaf out of this Christmas-mad mum's book, you could give it a Santa makeover for just £3.

Posting in the Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK Facebook group, she explained: "I made this and total spend was £2.99 for the red fleece blanket."

She then used the stuffing of a cushion to make Santa's fluffy white beard and used some black card for his belt.

"I glued the fabric onto some scrap wallpaper just for a bit more stability," she added. "His hat was glued onto cardboard."

Unsurprisingly, the post racked up a staggering 14k Facebook 'likes' – and fans were happy to know the mum's design DIDN'T block the letter box.

One person wrote: "Absolutely fabulous, you realise everyone will be doing it now. You've started a new craze well done."

"That is awesome. I wish I'd thought of it," said another.

Disney wreath

If money were no object, we'd happily splash out on a £300 Disney wreath – but as luck would have it, one crafty woman has revealed how she made her own for a fraction of the price.

Sharing photos in the Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK Facebook group, she explained: "I'd seen these on Etsy for nearly £300 with no lights.

"I’m so happy with how it turned out- it cost me £80 to make it’s huge and it’s got 800 lights in it."

She used Wickes pipe insulation to create the Mickey Mouse shape, then completely covered it in different sized gold and silver baubles

She continued: "I placed the lights around after the first row of baubles inside and out then I wrapped around each bauble and glued as I went.

"I used the glue gun to melt holes before gluing the bauble in the hole and it took me approximately 14 hours over a 3 day period needless to say I’m glad it’s over!"

"Wowsers they're fantastic," one person gushed."Well done it must have taken you ages definitely worth the effort looks amazing."

And another stated: " I think I might have to make one of these."

While a third admitted: "This one is wayyyy better then the one online for nearly £300."

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