I asked for cute nails with a heart design…it took three artists two HOURS and still looked terrible

A WOMAN has claimed she has the ''worst luck'' after a beauty appointment leaves her with nails that looked nothing like her request photo.

Katie Louise Arter, from the UK, was so aghast at what she left the salon with, she took it to social media to share the fail.

An avid fan of professionally done nails, the digital content creator and fashion influencer shared a snap of what she had shown to the artist prior the appointment.

Inspired by the trends she had seen online, Katie decided to opt for a romantic, summery design with neon pink hearts.

However, things didn't quite go as planned, as she revealed it took three different artists, who in total spent roughly two hours, to achieve an end result she wasn't even happy with.


''one gave up and wiped it all off,'' she explained, giving a ''shout-out to the hair stuck on the thumb''.

To make matters even worse, not only was she stuck in the salon for a long period of time, three of her nails got chipped before she managed to reach home.

Viewers were mortified by what they had seen, with one describing the look as ''awful''.

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A kind person even offered to fix the situation, commenting: ''girl I'll do them for you!''

It appeared that Katie wasn't the only to have had a bad experience with nail art, as someone said: ''NOOOO STOP THE EXACT SAME HAPPENED TO ME.''

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