I charge my 8-year-old step-son rent – his mum thinks it's out of order & wants me to stop but I know I'm in the right | The Sun

A MAN has divided opinion online after revealing that he charges his eight-year-old step son rent – despite the boy's mum insisting he's out of order.

The anonymous stepfather took to Reddit and asked: "AITA for charging an 8 year old rent? I really don’t think I’m the AH but hear me out."

The man went onto explain how the young boy gets an allowance of £20 ($25) every week, so £81 ($100) a month, which is for helping with the dishes, cleaning up his room with help, and being tidy.

He continued: "However, I want to charge the boy £16 ($20) a month for living expenses. Leaving him £65 ($80). "

"His mother thinks there’s something wrong with that and he’s young, so his money should be his."

My intention is to teach him about money management as that’s something that’s very important to me."


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I have not thought about consequences if he can’t pay the 'rent'. There likely wouldn’t be any."

It wasn't long before the post garnered quite the response online – with many agreeing that the man is in the wrong.

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"Right, or open a savings account for the kid and teach them to save some money instead. Not just take it back and call it rent," wrote one.

A second penned: "Aye, the only way I can see this turning in his favour even slightly is if there's an 'and on his 18th birthday I revealed that I had saved the money for him' plan, but even then…YTA
That being said $25 a WEEK? I was lucky to get £5 a week at that age."

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A third noted: "YTA, just do this better, right idea but completely wrong execution lmao."

Meanwhile, another agreed: "Yeah there’s much better ways of teaching money management. Split the money into buckets. Emergency or long term savings, saving for something bigger like a game console and an immediate fun money."

I’ve also seen buckets for charity to help teach compassion."

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A further added: "$25/week sounds like a lot. YTA because it’s also important to teach children that there are some things family does for free."

You don’t charge rent, but you also don’t have to pay for every chore either. I’m not gonna pay my kid to pick up his room, but I will if he helps me haul the trash to the dump."

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