I dragged a locked bag out the tip and found the weirdest cooking item – and they aren’t cheap | The Sun

A WOMAN was left stunned when she finally got into a locked bag she'd nabbed from a skip.

Stella is a pro at dumpster diving, as they called it Stateside, but was stumped when she came across a canvas bag that felt like it contained something solid and super heavy.

"I got this in a dumpster," she said.

"It just looks like a canvas bag.

"It feels like a brick or a cement block. I can't get it open because the zipper is broken so before I cut this bag off, does anyone know what the hell this could be?"

"I have zero guesses," Stella added in the caption of her TikTok video.

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The only identifying feature on the bag was a small tag on the side featuring a green tree symbol.

While some people said it looked like a Girl Scout symbol, others recognised it as indicating that the bag was 100% cotton.

In the next video on her TikTok page, Stella tried to get the bag open.

After attempting to jimmy the zip, she ended up using a sharp knife to cut down the centre of the bag.

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"Is this a crystal? There's no way. Is it marble? What in the world?" she wondered as she pulled out two massive slabs from the bag.

"It looks like marble or crystal. I told you guys it felt like a cement block.

"Oh my God, it's like shining in the sun. What is this?

"Who knows what I'm looking at?"

"Was NOT expecting this," Stella added in the caption.

People were quick to comment on the video, explaining what they thought she'd found.

"Looks like a salt cooking block," one wrote.

"You can put it on the grill and get it hot and just cook your food right on it, not needing seasoning since the salt cures the outside with the moisture from what the food releases.

"Pretty cool! It's supposed to be a Himalayan salt block specifically."

"I guessed a salt rock!!" another added.

To which Stella replied: "Oh man! well you're the winner. I'm sorry I don't have a prize."

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"Himalayan salt block great for cooking fish," a third concurred.

The cooking blocks usually retail for around £70 to £80.

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