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LOOKING to fix her smile, one woman decided to get composite bonding – but little did she know she would get more than she had bargained for.

Amy O'Grady, from the UK, left the internet users in stitches after she discovered her new pearly whites came with an added bonus.

Taking to TikTok, the stunning blonde, who loves singing, revealed that after hitting the club on a night-out, she realised her teeth were glowing.

To make for an even more funny accident, it wasn't all of her gnashers – just the ones that had the treatment done.

In stitches, Amy grabbed her phone to show the fail to her followers on social media.

Pointing to her teeth, Amy laughed saying: ''The moment we realised composite bonding glows in UV lights.''

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''TEARS,'' the blonde added in the caption under the now-viral clip.

Whilst some may have found the incident mortifying, Amy said it made the evening more exciting.

''tbh it make the night 10x more funny.''

Unfortunately, Amy is not the only one who's had an unfortunate experience with her gnashers – recently, one bloke proudly showed off his veneers and went viral… but for all the wrong reasons.

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Unless you've been living under the rock for the last few years, you will have noticed that veneers have become all the rage.

But one man looking to spruce up his smile with a set of white veneers didn't quite get the response he was expecting.

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The man, better known to his fans on YouTube as DustinJOTV (@dustinjotv), shared the Before and After snaps on TikTok – but unfortunately, the reaction was slightly different to what he had hoped for.

Revealing the transformation in a video Dustin – believed to be from Germany – begins by showing off his filed down gnashers.

The "before" images of gaps and weirdly sharp teeth make for a rather scary look.

But he is quick to fix it with veneers.

Posing with a sparkly stud earring and a vinyl puffer jacket, Dustin then reveals his new smile, proudly flashing his fake teeth.

Showing his bright veneers, he turns his head so viewers can see what they look like from all angles.

However, despite appearing pleased with the results, people on social media were less than impressed.

For the most part, it seems, TikTok fans thought the veneers looked pretty fake and too bright – some even compared them to blinding LED lights.

Writing in German, one person commented: ''It looks like chewing gum in square shape ohhh god no thanks and too bright.''

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Someone else thought the teeth looked like piano keys, and a third found a striking resemblance between Dustin and Jim Carrey in the 1994 hit move, The Mask.

Another chuckled at the quality, believing it looked rather poor: ''What in the wish app?''

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