I wanted perfect ‘ombre’ hair but I ended up with a choppy bob which took me two years to fix

A WOMAN has shared with her followers the ordeal she went through just from simply visiting a hair salon to dye her hair.

When you are paying a professional to do a job, you expect that person to be well trained and to be able to complete it perfectly.

However, that was not the case for Jamie, a mum who went to treat herself to a new hair colour.

She posted the video to her TikTok, jaimeeemilyy, which has been viewed over 1 million times.

In the video, Jamie shows her hair before the salon appointment, her hair is dyed red and looks like it is in healthy condition.

She shows the picture she gave to the stylist which is a beautiful, warm brown ombre look which gets lighter at the ends.

But what Jamie got was entirely different to what she asked for.

Her hair after the treatment was orange and yellow, not the warm brown ombre look she was so excited to get.

Jamie only went in to the salon for her hair to be dyed but had to get it cut too after the dying disaster which left her hair falling out and damaged beyond repair.

She said that even after the haircut her hair was still breaking off, especially the blonder pieces in her hair.

Her treatment all together cost £218 ($300) but said she did go back to the salon to get her money back.

Under the video, Jamie wrote: "It took two years to fix and my self esteem went (down). Thanks for the love everyone!"

In a seperate video she adds: "I spent a couple of days crying in the bathroom.

"Eventually I just started pinning back the front chunky section and I felt okay."

Jamie left her hair for a few months and then dyed her hair black with a box dye to cover the colour, she also cut her hair to line up with the shortest section so it would grow out evenly.

When Jamie went back to the salon the next day to get her refund, the hair stylist was not there but the manager was.

She gave Jamie a full refund and also a deep conditioning treatment, although Jamie was skeptical, she let her do it.

But as the manager and other stylists watched and treated her hair, the blonde parts kept snapping off and she says the treatment did nothing to help.

Luckily, Jamie's hair has now grown out and is in much better condition then it was two years ago.

Users couldn't believe how wrong the hair stylist got it and many were certain she wasn't licensed.

One user exclaimed: "Oh my god.It looked like a toddler had play time with scissors.How were they allowed to have a license? I'm so sorry."

"I'm speechless. That's horrible. That person clearly was working without a license. I'm so sorry that happened to you."

A third user replied: "OMGF! It looks like it was done by a child? How can they get away with this?"

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