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IT’S one of the jobs that everyone does regularly and knows back to front – but are you missing out on doing these five vital things before you switch your washing machine on?

A cleaning and laundry expert Clothes Doctor UK has shared the simple checklist we should all be ticking off before we put a new load in.

Clothes Doctor UK, who can be found on TikTok at @clothesdoctoruk, shared a recent video titled: “5 things you should do before laundry.” 

They began with one we all know, but often forget, which is to “Turn garments inside out.”

Once this is done, it’s important to make sure that all zippers are done totally up to the furthest point.

The third item on the checklist is to turn out the pockets – this is especially helpful in getting rid of rogue tissues that have made their way into the laundry basket. 

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The fourth and penultimate tip says that to clean your socks properly, you must uncurl them from one another and ensure they are washed as a solo item. 

While the fifth and final one that often goes under the radar is to tie any string or laces before the clothing is washed.

The clip, which has been liked over 1400 times, got conversation started as many cleaning fans traded tips on what they do and don’t do. 

One wrote: “I do everything but turn out the pockets. Why do I never turn out the pockets?

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“I even forget to check pockets and I end up washing paper things that’s in the kids’ pockets.”

A second said: “I do all of this.”

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While another person clarified the reason for turning garments inside out before a wash.

They explained: “It’s so you don’t damage the outside during washing.”

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