I'm a Dollar Tree fan – how to use their $1.25 ice cube trays to treat sunburn with NO ice | The Sun

SUNBURN relief is hard to come by, but an effective solution will melt the pain away.

You can use the trick at home for only a few dollars, thanks to one bargain-hunting mom's expertise.

Mom Kathryn Snearly has a passion for great bargains, and so do her 2million YouTube subscribers, who tune into Do It On A Dime for cheap, easy life hacks.

Her genius solution for soothing sunburn requires two products from the Dollar Tree.

Like anything from the store, your supplies will cost a maximum of $1.25 each – but you might even find them cheaper.

First, pick up a silicone ice tray, which the store has in all kinds of shapes and colors this summer.


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"I love these ice cube trays," Snearly said, showing off the flexible trays in seashell, pineapple, and flamingo shapes.

Head to the beauty or bath aisle for your secret ingredient.

"They have a face lotion aloe vera," Snearly said, showing off the tub of sunburn-soothing goo.

She squeezed some aloe vera lotion into the ice cube trays, then slid them into the freezer.

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"You can actually put some of these inside, then pop these out to cool your face after being in the sun," she said.

Snearly popped a frozen cube of aloe gel out of the tray, then ran it over her skin for an instant cooling effect.

And, as she pointed out, you might be able to find the aloe gel for less than the normal $1.25 price tag in the clearance section.

Snearly's clearance section had travel-size tubes of the "facial gel hydrator" for only fifty cents.

If your Dollar Tree carries another special ingredient, the cooling relief of aloe doesn't need to be external-use only.

Look for aloe vera water in your store's grocery section. The food-safe version of the plant is hydrating and delicious, so you'll want to pick up a few bottles if you're out in the heat this summer.

Snearly poured the hydrating beverage into an ice tray, and then a few hours later, she had edible aloe cubes.

"Put this inside for a little bit of coolness and refreshing flavor this summer," Snearly advised, popping the aloe cubes into a fruity summer drink.

Just make sure to label the cubes properly if you use both hacks, or you'll have a slimy, gooey surprise in your beverage.

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