I'm a fashion expert – my eight style hacks are a must if you've got big boobs – straight leg jeans are essential | The Sun

PICKING a stylish outfit when you've got big boobs can be pretty challenging.

But this fashion expert broke everything you need to know down into eight simple rules and they make life so much easier.

Chi Li shared the top tips on her YouTube channel and people can't get enough of them.

It turns out dressing when you've got big boobs doesn't have to be completely draining, as long as you know what you're doing.

Stick to low necklines

It might seem counter-intuitive, but the pro explained that wearing "anything that lower will create a lot of space in that area, and that's the most flattering."

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Go for sweetheart, v-nick, or wide square necklines if you want to minimise to look of your boobs and help balance out the rest of your body.

Avoid anything oversized

We get it, they're comfortable and might even be trendy, but if you've got big boobs oversized tops and jumpers are going to do you no favours.

The fashion guru said: "If you've got big breasts typically that means that your shoulders are bigger and your arms are fleshier.

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"These chunky jumpers have so much bulk that they'll only make your top half look even heavier."

Always cinch your waist

You've probably heard it a million times but that's only because it's true.

Cinching your waist will highlight your curves in all the right ways.

Chi Li explained: "If you're wearing a t-shirt that goes straight up and down your body, it's just going to look like the fabric is hanging from your boobs.

"It looks like a tent hanging down from your boobs and it's not flattering at all."

Wear turtle necks the right way

Generally speaking, you should avoid turtle necks if you have big boobs, the style will only highlight your bust and make you look out of proportion.

But if you love the style there is a handy trick, the pro suggested wearing your favourite turtle neck as a bottom layer and wear a cardigan or blazer on top.

"This will create a vertical line in front of your chest and break up the space, so it will no longer look like one big space."

Wear a wrap top

Wrap tops are perfect for large busts since they combine two of the most important rules.

They come with a wrap to cinch in your waist and usually have a flattering neckline.

"Make sure you have at least on in your closet," the pro says, adding "it's so feminine and elegant."

Stick to straight leg jeans

You might think that your jeans have zero effect on what your boobs look like, but actually what you wear on your bottom half is just important as the top.

Chi Li explained: "Because you come a cross as top heavy, you want your jeans to balance you out.

"if you wear something very skinny at your bottom it will accentuate the fact you're top heavy."

Wear a shirt the right way

If you wear a button down shirt be sure to leave the first few buttons undone.

The pro said that it has a similar effect to turtle necks if buttoned to the top and will make your bust look much bigger.

"It's not the most flattering and you'll probably feel so restricted."

Layer up

If you want to feel more modest and still wear the clothes that will flatter you the most, the pro suggested wearing a bandeau top of even a thin vest under lower cut tops and dresses.

"Sometimes wrap tops might be too low in the front, but you can still be perfectly covered."

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