I'm a Gypsy mum – my teen daughter has low self-esteem, but I don't care, she needs to lose weight to find a man

A GYPSY mum, from the US, has revealed she wants her daughter to lose weight so she could find her a potential future husband.

Appearing on Gypsy Brides US, one mum, Mona Lisa, explained how she wanted her 15-year-old daughter to lose weight in order to be ''accepted'' by the community and start life with a man.

''My great-great-grandmother came over in the 1800s, so we're fourth generation,'' said the matriarch.

''As Gypsy woman, it's birth right, it's pride.

''We always dress in the best of the best of the best – we don't exit our house unless we're in the best.

''And it's my responsibility to keep the traditions and everything going – because it's very important to be accepted.''

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But at home, not everyone shared the same excitement about keeping the culture alive – Mona Lisa's eldest daughter, Mona Lisa Junior, was not particularly keen on being a traditional Gypsy woman.

''You have to clean, cook and, like, take care of everybody in the house – and you do it looking amazing.

''I don't feel like I can do that looking like this – I am overweight, I have acne.

''My self-esteem is, like, really low.''

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However, despite what her teenage child felt like, the mum was determined to find her a future husband.

''Mona Lisa is turning 16 and it's the most important time of her life.''

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This particular age, the matriarch explained, is basically the time ''when the girl is coming out, they're showing they're a young lady, they're becoming a woman''.

''And she has to be accepted by the Gypsy community or be shamed by the community forever.''

Speaking to her daughter, for whom she had organised a Sweet 16 birthday party, Mona Lisa reminded: '' You're representing not only yourself but our family […] and all eyes are on you.''

But this, the mum thought, meant her daughter needed to lose weight.

After finding a dress full of bling and glam, Mona Lisa even hired a personal trainer so that the daughter could zip up the birthday outfit with no problem.

Luckily, all the hard efforts paid off, with a total of 20 pounds shredded in just a few weeks, and Mona Lisa Junior looked amazing for the big day.

''I was so relieved and happy that that it fit – I felt really pretty at that moment.

''I love everything about myself.

''I felt really loved and appreciated,'' she recalled the moment of entering the room and being accepted by the community.

But whilst the mum was proud, viewers shared a slightly different opinion.

''Your 15 year old daughter is blatantly telling you she suffers from depression and has incredibly low self esteem,'' commented one.

''You respond by continuously body shaming her so she can get a man? Top notch parenting.''

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Another agreed, writing: '' "No more of this junk" I would've stopped eating right there.

''It takes a HARD mental toll when your parent is lecturing you on weight and food WHILE you're eating.''

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