I’m a hairstylist who’s tried every colour out there – here are the five I’d have again and the trend to try right now | The Sun

UNSURE which hair colour to go for but don't want to risk going for a bad one?

Well this hairstylist has done all the hard work for you and tried just about every colour over the years – some were definitely better than others though.

Hair whizz Stella Cini revealed the colours she'd try again and why they're so great.

Her first choice, eggplant purple, is perfect if you want something a bit different but don't want to commit to anything too wild.

"I actually tried this quite a few times this winter alone," Stella told viewers.

"It was dark enough that it could look black in darker lighting, but when the sun hit it, it was just the right amount of this gorgeous eggplant purple."


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Not only that, but the colour was a winner in Stella's books because of the way it faded overtime to a burgundy shade.

Copper blonde also makes the hair pro's top five colours, mostly because it was a great middle ground between classic blonde and trendy copper.

"It was super natural and overall it was just one of the most subtle, soothing hair colours out there," she said.

Another show-stopping shade for Stella was gunmetal grey, which was one of the first "experimental" hair colours she ever tried.

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The dark grey shade is another stunning choice for anyone who wants something different, but not too bright.

"It was mysterious, it was smoky," the raved.

That said, if you are wanting to stand out from the crowd, Stella's second favourite colour is the perfect pick.

Stella dyes her hair emerald green every year, and who can blame her? The sleek style is a fan favourite and looks great on all skin tones.

Discussing the unique colour she said: "It is super vibrant but it's not in your face blue, it's more like a subtle is it blue is it green?"

Above all, Stella's favourite hair colour she can't get enough of was coral.

Although she's yet to actually dye her natural hair this colour, she has used it on wigs her clients.

She raved: "It's that gorgeous mix between orange and pink, but it's so vibrant."

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