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THIS Hooters girl has to go to extreme lengths to get her tight work shirt on every day, so she developed a hack for fitting it over her body.

Lexi who goes by @lexiusxoxo on TikTok showed how difficult it is to get her long-sleeve Hooters uniform on for her shift.

She developed a hack to help her squeeze into the shirt which is shared in a video captioned: "POV: you work at hooters and gotta put on the tight shirt."

In the video, she put her shirt through her legs, as if she was putting on pants.

She then shimmied the top up her body until she was able to pull her arms through the long sleeves.

By the time she got one arm in, she looked exhausted, taking a moment to catch her breath.

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In the comment section, Lexi explained that she put the shirt on this way to avoid messing up her makeup.

Commenters were shocked at how hard it was to get the Hooters uniform on.

One person said: "Wat a hassle y’all go through."

"I never put mine on like that. The struggle is in the arms," another said.

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Some users thought it was strange that she put the top on through her legs.

"Why put it on like that??? I thought it was a body suit but it’s a regular shirt," someone said.

Another Hooter's girl pointed out how tight the uniforms are in another TikTok video.

Sam who goes by @hzsamantha showed her viewers how so gets out of her uniform.

She captioned her video: "Hooters WHY do you make ALL the shirts sooooooooo damn tight?"

"Watch how long it takes to take off this shirt," she said in the video.

"It’s soooo tight for no reason," she told her viewers.

Sam said: "This shirt alone is enough to make me cry."

One viewer suggested that Sam get a larger size since she was so uncomfortable.

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However, the TikToker explained: "Every shirt they have is really tight.

"REALLY TIGHT and the highest size they have is medium."

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