I'm a plus size fashion fan & ordered a dress from Shein – people say it looks like a compression sock | The Sun

WHEN it comes to ordering clothes online, there's always going to be a risk that they won't meet the expectations in your head.

After all, there's no way you can try them on or check that the quality is as good as it looks in the photographs online.

But one plus-sized fashion fan named Maria, who posts under the acronym @mariaahann, took to TikTok and revealed that she got the shock of her life when the white dress she ordered from Shein finally arrived.

Holding up the tiny dress by the sleeves, the body of the garment can be seen hanging in the middle, replicating the T-shape of an intrauterine device (IUD) – a small plastic and copper contraceptive device that's put into a woman's womb.

In the clip, Maria jokes: "Me getting a dress that looked like an IUD."

The post has since racked up a whopping 1.7 million views, with many taking to the comments section to draw their own comparisons.


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"That’s a compression sock," joked one.

A second quipped: "Lmfao!!! Aye yoo!!"

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A third simply penned: "Damn!"

Meanwhile, a fourth commented: "Notttttt IUD!"

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Another asked: "Would it even fit?"

And a further added: "Those are smaller than my leggings and i wear a 00…"

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