I'm a redhead – strangers try to touch my hair in public and women take the Lord's name in vain over my 'stunning' looks | The Sun

A WOMAN with the rarest of combinations – blue eyes and striking red hair – has had to get used to the attention of strangers.

But some of that interest has overstepped the mark on occasions when they have reached out to touch her hair.

Several fans were moved to take the Lord's name in vain when they saw her post.

“Jesus, you are stunning," said one smitten fan, while another gushed, “Good God, Scottish girls.”

But Scottish TikToker Cheape (@cheapofficial), has grown used to such reactions.

"Abnormal things that are normal for redheads,” she said.

She is a true Celt, who, through her singing and songwriting, aims to "capture Scotland along the way."

In one of her posts, she listed the special qualities that all copperheads possess.

Among these was this unusual request: “Strangers trying to touch your hair in public,” she said, bewildered.

But there were many more assets to the titian-haired.

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“Statistically, redheads tend to be more creative-minded," she mused.

Ever wondered why redheads are not great in sunny climates, she explained.

“Being more sensitive to thermal pain, that’s why the heat can make us feel so unwell.”

But there was something even more extraordinary about the fortitude of redheads.

“The most superhuman fact is the MCR1 gene to have red hair also controls pain response," she wrote.

This meant that "we feel less physical pain like stings and injections."

Many of the comments agreed with her, and several added their own hitherto unknown facts.

"We even produce our own vitamin D, even on a cloudy day," said a fellow strawberry-haired follower.

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This man offered his redheaded sister's experience: “She lived in Japan, and in rural areas, they would sometimes touch her hair, they were fascinated.”

But one comment summed up the general tone of her post: “Gingers rock for all the right reasons."

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