I'm a rich kid & I spent £11k on myself for my birthday – I do it every year, I don't trust people to buy me what I want

A RICH kid has revealed how she spent £11,000 on herself for her birthday because she doesn’t trust others to buy her gifts,

Lailli Mirza, who lives in Dubai, showcases her glamorous life with her 326,000 strong YouTube following.

In a recent video she revealed that she had treated herself to thousands of pounds worth of clothes and shoes at a total of £10,890, made up of just 12 items.

Though Lailli admits that shopping no longer gives her the thrill it once did.

Speaking in her video, she explains: “I’m kind of growing out of this because I shop so frequently so it’s no longer that exciting.

“I did actually ask for cash and bitcoin for my birthday specifically, I wrote it on the fridge cash and bitcoin only –  no boxed gifts.”

Lailli’s mum did go off piste and gifted her a £6.4k necklace and £4.3k earrings, both by the brand Van Cleef & Arpels.

Though Lailli admits she is not as big of a fan as she once was.

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She says: “I’m drifting away from the ‘classic’ Van Cleef pieces which are becoming the most ‘basic’ Van Cleef pieces

“I’m sorry if this offends you but let’s face it everyone their mother and their dogs are wearing Van Cleef Alhambras it’s getting a bit much.”

When it came to shopping for herself, Lailli has no trouble splashing the cash.

First of all she picked up a Bottega Veneta Mini Jodie bag in green shearling for £1,850 though admitted she won’t really use but says her dog and cat love to sit on it.

Next up she bagged herself a £715 pair of velvet trousers and a lace corset at £890, both from Gucci followed by a £650 pair Jimmy Choo heels.

When Harrods called her personally to let her know they had a new pair of Amina Muaddi boots in she was quick to snap them up, even with an eye-watering price tag of £1,230.

While there she bagged a second pair of shoes from the brand at £935 despite the fact she considered the manufacturing ‘sloppy.’

As she was having a ‘jeans moment’ Lailli picked up a £490 Margiela pair followed by Vetements jeans at an eye watering £993.

Her penultimate stop was Chanel where she spent a small fortune on a mini skirt, £1,310 and a matching crop top £720, and bought a pair of trainers for £800 – despite owning five other nearly identical pairs.

Finally she added a little bling to her iPhone 13 Pro Max with a £307 diamond encrusted case by Nuclieus.

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