I'm a shopping expert – how you can still get a cart even if you forget your quarters at Aldi | The Sun

FORGETTING a quarter for the shopping cart is such an easy mistake to make when heading to the store.

But, Aldi shoppers in the US don’t have to venture all the way back home to grab some coins if this embarrassing situation happens to them.

That’s because workers are on hand to help those that don’t have any spare change.

Employees understand that first-time shoppers may not realize they need a quarter to use the shopping cart.

If you forget your quarters, all you have to do is ask a member of staff and they should be willing to help, according to Taste of Home.

But, some workers are reportedly reluctant to hand out quarters as they fear they may not get them back.

One employee, known only as Kyle, told Mental Floss: “I try not to give them a quarter because the quarters we give come out of our own registers.

“So if we don't get them back, we end up losing money out of our own drawer.

"If it's a first-time shopper, I gladly give them a quarter and explain to them why we have this system in place, and pretty much every person is very understanding on why we do it.”

The store is also renowned for its speedy checkouts and there’s a reason why workers move at such a pace.

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A Redditor, who used to work for the retailer, claimed: “You actually have to hit a percentage of 83% or higher on item per minute scanned.”

According to the ex-staffer, if customers are loading the items too slowly, it brings down the worker’s “percentage”.

And, Jonah, who works at a store in Pennsylvania, said employees are monitored for their speed.

He told Mental Floss: “We are given reports at the end of each day for our ringing statistics.

“Ringing is the only part where we get an actual report, but managers will tell us that we are expected to knock out two pallets per hour, or one pallet every half hour."

Jonah said staff at some shops can be expected to process as many as 1200 items per hour.

Aldi is renowned for its cheap groceries and bargain hunters have been sharing their hauls online.

One shopper revealed how they spent $20 on a family feast at the store.

A TikToker, known only as Ashley, bought an array of items including strawberries, blueberries, flatbreads, pepperoni, and cinnamon rolls.

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