I’m an elegance coach, women make the same beauty mistakes which make them look cheap & tacky – blonde hair’s the worst | The Sun

AN ELEGANCE COACH and fashion expert has revealed the ten beauty mistakes you're doing that instantly make you look cheap.

An expert on all things posh, Anna Bey revealed that looking tacky is all in the finer detail.

In a YouTube clip, Anna listed the ten most common mistakes women make with their appearance, and it's bad news if you dye your hair blonde.

"Any yellowness in the blonde hair is not nice, and neither is orange," she points out.

And Anna said this was the most common issue she sees women make with their hair that cheapens their appearance.

So if you really want to look put together and expensive, Anna recommends getting a 'proper hair colour.'


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The only thing worse than brassy tones in your blonde hair says Anna, is dark contrasting roots that flow into yellow-tinted blonde hair.

Brassy tones may be something only blondes have to deal with but Anna says another hair mistake is by skipping your haircut appointment.

The expert said: "Your split ends are downgrading your entire appearance so please go regularly to the hairdresser.

"Make a bit of effort."

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Leaving your hair tie on your wrist for safe keeping may be practical but it instantly makes you look cheap says the elegance coach.

As always, it's the smaller details that can make or break an outfit, "Details are details, and it's important to pay attention to them," Anna revealed.

And it doesn't just go for accessories, even having the wrong shade of undertone in your foundation can make you look cheap.

A 'representable mouth' is important says Anna who admits she had awful teeth growing up, as it's the first thing people look at.

That means keeping your lips moisturised, following good dental hygiene and getting them whitened.

The elegance coach adds that choosing a 'juvenille' perfume such as a celebrity perfume will just make you appear cheap.

Anna said to never go for styles that are outdated, from wearing 80's disco pants to overly fake tanning.

On the other hand, following current trends can also make you look cheap, such as drawing on your eyebrows too strong.

The fashion pro claims the natural look is best when it comes to your brows, especially if you want to look elegant.

You might find it a chore to redo your nails every time one of them chips but Anna begs you to do so if you want to stop looking cheap.

"It doesn't really look hygienic," she explains.

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Lastly, it's not just what's on the outside that makes you look cheap, but tacky behaviour like how you speak, your posture and your body language also do you no favours.

"If you dress elegant you have to somehow have some form of consistency in that personal brand or it's all lost."

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