I’m an interior designer and can’t stand these four things in other peoples homes – I’ll walk straight out if I see them | The Sun

SOME interior design trends are best left well alone.

They might look chic and stylish in theory but in reality they scream tacky and just don't look that good.

Interior designer Phoenix Grey recently shared some of the trends he hates so much that he'd walk straight out of any home if they had any of them.


Unless you're a nine-year-old girl, pom-poms have no place in your home, especially if you use them as trimming on your curtains and bedding.

Phoenix jabbed: "If this isn't going in a child's room this is a disaster.

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"The amount of DIY videos I saw showing people how to do this should not exist.

Rope on your staircase

"This is a complete disaster waiting to happen, using rope for the spindles of your staircase.

"This is giving me Final Destination if you know what I mean."

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Not only that but using it as a hand rail is just as bad according to the pro.

"This wouldn't even be accepted in Canada with our building code, it would be shut down," he said.

DIY backplash

Getting crafty with your decorating is usually more hassle than it's worth, especially if you've ever used broken up CD's to make a mosaic.

"It's cute for a moment, but no and don't use them on furniture, this is going to hurt."

Fake fruit and vegetables

Phoenix quipped: "Please just buy the real stuff."

Not only that but if you're using them for displays they look so cheap according to the pro.

Just buy some real fruit and take the time to arrange it nicely in your fruit bowl – then you've got the added benefit of some healthy snacks.

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