I’ve been saying ‘butt naked’ wrong my whole life – but I’m not alone, loads of people make the mistake too | The Sun

PLENTY of people get phrases mixed up – but you might want to sit down and buckle up as these revelations may shock you.

It turns out that the phrase isn't 'butt naked' and plenty of people have been saying it wrong.

One of those is Jasmine, who was stunned when she realised there were three phrases she was saying wrong her entire life.

Posting to her TikTok account, Honey Jastea, Jasmine revealed that nobody had corrected her on saying these common phrases wrong her entire life.

The 23-year-old said: "Buck naked.

"When someone is fully nude they're buck naked."


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Jasmine thought the phrase was 'butt naked,' but it turns out she was wrong all along.

She explained her reasoning: "Like down to the butt, they are butt naked."

And Jasmine double-downed that her way of saying it makes more sense than the correct way.

Another common phrase Jasmine had gotten wrong was 'A dog eat dog world."

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Instead, Jasmine had been saying 'Doggy dog world,' and couldn't quite believe just how wrong she was.

Finally, the TikToker revealed she'd also got the phrase "Don't look a gift horse in the mouth" wrong as well.

Instead of gift horse – she'd been saying 'giptorse,' and no Jasmine wasn't sure what the word was either.

She added: "I thought that we were all in agreement that there is an imaginary creature called a giptorse and you shouldn't look it in the mouth for some reason."

"And I never really questioned why."

"This is my Truman moment," she captioned the video.

But Jasmine wasn't alone, plenty of people commented that they ha made similar mistakes.

One wrote: "Totally thought it had to be "doggy-dog" because "dog-eat-dog" sounded too dark."

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Another commented: "I thought it was "alby darn," instead of I'll be damned.

A third also admitted to saying 'butt naked,' writing: "I’ve always said the same as you for number two."

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