I’ve got big boobs and tried not wearing a bra for a week – it’s really hard, dangling breasts are a hazard

HAVING big boobs can be a blessing and a curse – as one woman found out when she attempted to do a week without wearing a bra.

YouTuber Hannah Witton said she found her “dangling” boobs a “hazard” and struggled with boob sweat.

She said: “I have massive boobs and I’m not going to be wearing a bra for a week.

“There are a couple of reasons why I’m doing this.

“One, just because I’m curious for the personal challenge.

“And secondly to prove a point that it is difficult to not wear a bra when you’ve got big boobs.

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“The third reason is a bit more of a fashion challenge, because I actually want to try and see what clothes I can wear with my boobs without a bra because I’ll be limited, especially in summer.”

She said the main reason for wearing a bra is “comfort”, and explained: “Boobs are heavy, big boobs are heavy.

“Just having them not flopping around constantly and moving around and causing a hazard. 

“Literally a health hazard.

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“Bras are great for that.”

She also wears a bra for the “aesthetic” and said: “My boobs look great when they are hosted, and lifted.

“They do not look hot when they are left to their own devices.”

Hannah also pointed out she gets “serious underboob sweat” but said she would be rolling on deodorant under her breasts each day.

She added: “I just think big boobs are really inconvenient, and you will see this week why I need a bra.”

Her first bra-less outfit was a vest top and a pair of jeans, and she wasn’t a fan.

Hannah said: “The only thing is I like to wear high-waisted things and on top of the boob thing, I am really short so I have no stomach. 

“The boob is over the top of my jeans. If I had a bra I’d at least have an inch or two of body. 

“It’s literally just t*t than legs, I am all boob on top.”

She felt more confident in an off-the-shoulder top that she usually has to wear with the sleeves up to cover her bra straps. 

Hannah also tried on a top and dungarees and said: “Of all the outfits so far, this is the one that my boobs feel the most loose in.

“I feel like the dungarees are helping me feel more secure.

“The boobs feel out of control but I feel good.

“My arm is just hitting the side of my boobs.”

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Even her mum commented on her new natural look in a high-necked dress saying she “needed a bit of a lift” and said she could tell “immediately.”

Reflecting on her week, she said: “I did five days without a bra and as soon as it was over I put a bra back on.

“We thought we’d made progress but the moment I could put a bra on, I did. I love it.

“My boobs just don’t look as good. 

“Comfort, fine, as long as it’s not too hot.

“Deodorant under the boobs does work, to an extent.

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“I haven’t gone on a massive spiritual journey of loving my boobs, saggy boobs, free the nip, burning bras. 

“However, I imagine that with more of the days that I have working from home alone, I’ll probably be bra-less for a lot of those.

“It wasn’t as hard as I was expecting.”

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