Jennifer Lopez's Hairstylist Shares a Behind-the-Scenes Look at Her Epic Silver Chain Ponytail

Jennifer Lopez served up some serious looks in her two-part music video with Maluma, but there was nothing as memorable as the thigh-grazing silver chain ponytail she wore while twirling atop the New York City skyscraper, the Edge.

The showstopping look, created by the singer's go-to hairstylist Chris Appleton, perfectly paired with the fringe chains hanging from her black blazer mini dress and jaw-dropping diamond drop earrings. "Shiny Chain pony – Bts – shooting on the edge ✨," Appleton wrote on Instagram alongside some never-before-seen shots of Lopez as she filmed the music video.

"Shout out to my assistant @mitchellramazon for running around nyc looking for chains with a 1 hr window ✨🙏🏽," he added.

Fans couldn't stop freaking out over Lopez's nearly floor-length ponytail in the comments of Appleton's Instagram post. "Omg this is everything!!!! ✨✨✨ I NEED A CHAIN PONY !" one person said.

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Another fan couldn't wait to try to recreate it on themself. "Ummmmmm I need to try this! This is acceptable Monday-Friday attire no? 🙊," the Instagram user wrote. Someone else added, "Love this!!!! One of my fave ever looks ✨✨."

Leading up to the premiere of the "Pa' Ti + Lonely" music video, both Lopez and Maluma have been promoting it on social media and streamed a "Pa' Ti After Party" together after it debuted. Lopez even described the way the two tracks worked together as "amazing."

"I see everything like one song," Maluma added, promising a performance of the songs with Lopez when things are safe after the coronavirus pandemic. "We're going to sing the two songs like one."

Lopez and Maluma are set to star in the upcoming Marry Me in 2021, and the duo said that the music video was the "appetizer" to the movie.

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