Jeweller exposes cheating husband by 'accidentally’ mixing up anniversary gifts for his wife AND mistress

WHEN it comes to anniversary presents, you really can't go far wrong with some lovely jewellery – except of course, when you're buying similar pieces from the same shop for both your wife AND mistress.

We know what you're thinking: surely no one would ever think was a good idea? Well, you'd be surprised.

TikTok star Zoe Roe told her 317,000 followers how a man recently came into the jewellery shop she works in looking for a present for his wife on their 10-year anniversary.

After picking out a necklace, the man then said he'd need another gift – but this one was his girlfriend to celebrate one year together. I'm sorry, what?

Unsurprisingly, Zoe was also shocked when he asked to pay for another item with a separate credit card which his wife didn't know about.

She recalled: "He ended up picking out a piece that said "My beautiful wife" and I said, "Anything else for you today?" and he said, "No that’s it for her, but I do wanna make another purchase using a separate credit card and could you possibly create a different account for me?"

I haven’t posted in two years because I’ve been too busy breaking into Cinderella’s castle🤷🏻‍♀️👑 #howdoesthisshitwork

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"I said, "Sure, what are you looking for?" and he said, "Do you have anything that says 'girlfriend?’ and I said, "Yes.'"

Amazingly, Zoe remained professional throughout the exchange and helped him pick out a similar item for his mistress.

But as she was wrapping up the two gifts, the jeweller decided that these two women had a right to know the truth.

She explained: "He had me mark a 'K' for Kristin on the bottom of his wife’s bag and an 'L' for Laura on the bottom of his girlfriend’s bag.

I just remembered that his wife’s name is Laura and his girlfriend’s name is Kristin. I must have mixed up the bags. Oops!

"I put pretty bows on them. I handed them to him, saying 'They're gonna love it. Have a nice day!' and he said, 'Thank you.'"

Confessing to "accidentally" mixing up the presents, Zoe ended the video: "S**, I just remembered that his wife’s name is Laura and his girlfriend’s name is Kristin. I must have mixed up the bags. Oops!"

Needless to say, the video has racked up almost 2 MILLION "likes" on TikTok and over 20,000 comments.

One user replied: "Bless your soul for that!!!"

Another added: "The audacity of making both purchases back to back."

In response to people accusing her of overstepping the boundaries, a third wrote: "As a married woman, I would greatly appreciate knowing if my husband did this."

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