Kate Middleton brought 'huge delivery' of plants for critically ill children at first public event post-lockdown

THE Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, was accompanied by a very generous delivery when she made her first public appearance post-lockdown last week.

Kate, 38, visited The Nook in Framlingham Earl, Norfolk, which is one of the three East Anglia's Children's Hospices – and she didn't go empty-handed.

The organisation's CEO, Tracey Rennie, has revealed how the Duchess arrived with a "huge delivery" including strawberries and plants.

Speaking on the Heirpod podcast, Tracey said that the royal's visit had a real impact on families at the hospice, and she had been keen to come and visit for some time.

"She has always been the same, she's been incredibly friendly, incredibly open, caring," Tracey said.

"She is just at ease talking to a family with a child who has a really profound disability to a child with a brother and sister that might be running around, or even a newly bereaved family that is still coming to terms with a child dying.

"She always has a really positive impact on the conversation that she has with families, and they will never forget that for the rest of their lives.

"Without her realising, she creates really precious memories for families," Tracey added.

On the day, Kate looked radiant as she arrived at the hospice wearing a multi-coloured floral dress, but despite her attire, the mother-of-three was keen to muck in with the gardening.

As well as helping others plant flowers, she encouraged the children to do the same as she handed out sunflower seeds and was more than happy to engage in conversation whilst doing so.

Kate's visit had taken quite some planning due to the global coronavirus pandemic and lockdown.

"I know the Duchess been quite keen to come and see us for quite some time but we had to wait until it was the right time to do that," Tracey said.

The CEO added that it was "Kate's idea to help out with gardening" at the facility, saying: "They floated that idea past us which we just thought was brilliant.

"She asked us what things we might like, we asked for different colours, textures, smells, something we can use. We were blown away with what she brought.

"I've been to the Nook today, over a week on, and it looks gorgeous, really gorgeous."

Tracey also confirmed that Kate is keen to be kept updated about the hospice: "She said please will we keep in touch with her, she's really interested to see how things go."

The Duchess of Cambridge has been Royal Patron of East Anglia’s Children’s Hospices since 2012.

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