Kim Kardashian Flashes Crotch As Slit Skirt Rides Up: See Wardrobe Malfunction

Kim Kardashian will own anything she wears – even if it doesn’t fully cooperate. She shared a photo on Instagram of her skirt riding up and showing her crotch.

Kim Kardashian could not care less about “wardrobe malfunctions.” The 37-year-old social media maven totally owned her own by bringing attention to it on Instagram. On Aug. 11, Kim shared a photo of an outfit she wore in late July, but in the pic her vintage metallic Versace skirt was askew, giving a peek at her crotch underneath. It’s all good though since she was wearing a bodysuit.

The silver skintight look was also semi-sheer, which most people wouldn’t go braless under, but Kim, being on a whole other plane of existence than us mere mortals, did just that because she’s Kim freaking Kardashian dammit!

Honestly, can you even call something like this a “wardrobe malfunction?” It seems pretty deliberate to me! Free that nip, girl! Show your crotch! Do you! She captioned the pic, “Energy doesn’t lie so trust those vibes you’re getting,” so I’m going with my gut that this whole post was planned and you know what? We’re still here for it.

Energy doesn’t lie so trust those vibes you’re getting

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But, this outfit also might look familiar to you if you ~keep up.~ Kimmie rocked this outfit on July 28 while on a date night with husband Kanye West. You can definitely tell this pic isn’t super recent since she’s rocking her blunt lob hairstyle, which she admitted she regrets cutting. Almost immediately after making the chop, the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star revealed that she didn’t think her shorter ‘do was “sexy” and she had extensions put back in. But hey, if sexy is what she’s going for, I think flashing your crotch and showing your nipples will do the trick just fine.

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