Kylie Jenner Has a Time-Saving Hack for Her New Kylie Skin Moisturizer

The highly anticipated debut of Kylie Skin is now just one week away, and Kylie Jenner is getting her fans pumped for the launch by sharing her daily skincare routine using the forthcoming products. In a six-minute clip posted on her YouTube channel, the beauty mogul gave a step-by-step guide to her regimen and offered tips and tricks (i.e. a time-saving moisturizer hack) along the way.

Standing in a millennial pink bathroom and rocking a feathery robe (as one does), Stormi’s mom says she is going to show her “everyday skincare routine,” which works out six steps that use each product from the Kylie Skin line.

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“I start with my face wash. It’s probably my favorite product in the line,” she says of her foaming cleanser. “It just makes my face feel so clean, and it also retains the natural moisture in your face.”

Jenner says she went through “a lot of samples” to get just the right mix of “foamy-ness” and “creaminess” that wouldn’t strip your skin. Instead, it “almost brings your face back to life,” she explains.

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Next up, is the controversial Walnut Face Scrub. While there has been some chatter as to whether or not the walnut powder-based exfoliant is too harsh for regular use (check out what the experts told Us about the product here), the Kylie Cosmetics founder shares that she massages it gently onto wet skin two or three times a week — and mostly concentrates on the area around her nose while avoiding the “delicate skin” around her eyes.

She finishes off her cleansing ritual with the Vanilla Milk Toner to “remove any surviving makeup” and prep her skin for serum and moisturizer. She applies two pumps of the Vitamin C Serum all over her face to “brighten” her complexion and then tops it with the Face Moisturizer.

“I don’t like super thin moisturizers. I like to feel lathered and delicious and moisturized,” she says of her medium-weight cream, which has also been serving as her makeup primer as of late.

“This moisturizer is my base for my makeup right now,” she shares. “This makes my makeup look flawless every single time.”

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Last but not least is the brand’s Eye Cream, which she calls a “quick fix” after a long night.

“My sisters taught me at a really young age to wear eye cream. You can start as early as you want. It’s just a good preventative to keep your under eyes hydrated and moisturized,” she says. “I designed this with a tip, so you never actually have to use your fingers … This makes it super easy.”

Jenner explains that she’s been working on the Kylie Skin range for a year now and has been using it herself for about 10 months. She says she personally wrote all of the descriptions on the back of the products and can’t wait for her fans to finally get their hands on them when they launch on on Friday, May 22.

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