Lad shares the bizarre ‘exit survey’ his ‘psychopath’ one-night stand sent him asking him to ‘rate his experience

IT'S only natural to wonder how you stack up when it comes to pleasing the opposite sex, but one woman has gone to extreme lengths to find out, sending a "Exit Survey" to her lover.

Niall Moran from Perranporth, Cornwall, was left stunned after receiving the questionnaire following his tryst with 23-year-old Lily Young.

So much so that he University of Bath student took to social media to share the post-coital survey, which asked him to "rate his experience".

The 22-year-old posted screenshots from the quiz, which demanded a mixture of ratings and written responses.

The survey starts with: “Thanks for the s***, now rate the experience. Thank you.

Following with a lust of questions, the first asks: “How attractive did you find Lily?” 

The hilarious survey had a ranking system from one to ten, with one being“Ew what was I thinking” and ten being equal to “Wow wow wow.”

The bloke was also asked: “What is Lily’s best feature (it’s okay to objectify me here by the way)” and “How would you rate the sex?”

While the final question asks: “By the way what’s your name (don’t leave if you don’t want to)”.

Niall shared the images on Twitter, joking: "Can’t believe I slept with a psychopath.”

However, Lily then replied with a photo of a bouquet of flowers, thought to be from Niall, and said: “He do be simping tho.”

Since posting, Niall’s tweet has been liked more than 30,000 times and left social media users in stitches.

One person tweeted: “Novices uses google docs surveys. Pros use Tripadvisor!”

While another said: “I just wanna know what answers you gave.”

A third posted: "And that’s enough internet for today.”

While one person asked: “Who the f*** does a post f*** survey?!”

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