Love Island fans are calling Primark ‘muggy’ after slogan t-shirt mishap causes distress

Love Island fans are unhappy with ‘muggy’ Primark [ITV]

The high-street store delighted Love Island fans by dropping a surprise collection based on quotes from the ITV2 show.

Primark’s collection includes a range of quotes taken from this year’s contestants, including Marcel Somerville’s famous, ‘I used to be in Blazin’ Squad’.

Among the collection are also t-shirts reading ‘#muggy’, ‘I’ve got a text!’ and ‘100 per cent my type on paper’.

As expected, the Love Island range caused a meltdown among shoppers.

Primark launch Love Island t-shirts [Primark]

One excited fan took to Twitter to share: “Are you joking me? Primark have brought out a Love Island range. I’m screaming.”

However, fans have now turned on the high-street store after the t-shirts sold out immediately.

Taking to their official Twitter page, Primark revealed the collection was selling out fast, before releasing a list of the 14 stores where the merchandise was still available.

The high-street store wrote: “WOW! These #LoveIsland tshirts have sold out in some stores already. Good news… more coming later next week #blazinsquad #melt #muggy.”

Love Island fans were delighted by the new drop from Primark [Primark]
Love Island fans were delighted by the new drop from Primark [Primark]

Love Island fans were quick to share their anger over the collection – which disappeared before they got their hands on it, as well as only being available in some larger stores – on Twitter.

Commenting, one fan wrote: “@Primark how come you’ve only sent Love Island t-shirts to your largest stores? None in Nottingham even. #muggy if you ask me.”

Another added: “@Primark only selling Love Island t-shirts in 14 shops #muggy.”

While others shared their distress over the sold out t-shirts, one fan commented: “You dropped the ball big time Primark, no Love Island tees at 9am or 10am, now sold out, REALLY? You pretty well p****d off 2 women!”

Primark sold out of Love Island t-shirts immediately [Primark]
Primark reveal they’re only selling Love Island t-shirts in some stores [Primark]

Another added: “Reading Primark have SOLD OUT of Love Island merch and I’m P****D.”

“They’ve sold out of Love Island t-shirts but had a chat with a lad who works in Primark about Kem so it’s all good,” commented one.

Love Island continues tonight at 9pm on ITV2.


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