Makeup artist shares ‘genius’ hack to stop your glasses leaving marks on your makeup

THOSE of us who wear glasses – prescription or otherwise – are forever met with the same dilemma of not being able to conceal the constant red marks that appear on our nose after wearing them.

But even sunglasses can cause the same issue, so it's one that majority of Brits would no doubt experience.

Rather than swearing off glasses because of it, there's a more reasonable approach, and the answer might lay in your makeup kit.

Tiktok user and makeup artist Ellie demonstrated a super easy makeup trick that shows how an eye primer can stop you from getting rid of those pesky marks.

An eye primer is commonly used on your lids before applying eye shadow and creates a smoother, long lasting finish. But in this case Ellie used the product on her nose.

The "miracle" product she uses is MAC Pro's longer paint pots, but other eye primer's with a creamy consistency will no doubt do the job.

In the video,which has racked up 34.7k views, Ellie begins by applying a small amount to the targeted areas on both sides of her nose using a flat makeup brush.

Then she uses a beauty sponge to lightly blend the product without wiping it off entirely.

Proving it's effectiveness, she pops her glasses back on and removing them once more revealing her nose completely untouched and free of those pesky red marks.

The makeup artist also revealed that most eye primers are water resistant so sweat won't make it rub off like some makeup products.

Additionally, eye primers set without the aid of a top powder, so you won't have to apply the powder for extra staying powder.

Super handy if you ask us. Now you won't have to deal the problem again.

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