Mandy Moore and Her 'This Is Us' Costume Designer on What's Ahead in Season 3

Let’s face it, who isn’t totally obsessed with Mandy Moore’s transformation in This Is Us? When she’s not aged in prosthetics (it’s a serious process, which we discuss here), she’s rocking killer ‘70s threads that hit the retro vibe perfectly thanks to the brilliant work of the show’s costume designer Hala Bahmet. We caught up with television’s dynamic styling duo at the Harper’s Bazaar & The Costume Designer Guild’s 2018 Emmy Award Nominees and The Art of Television Design Exhibition Dinner at the NoMAd Hotel in L.A. on Sunday, August 19, and got the scoop on whether Bahmet will be helping Moore design her wedding gown, how they craft Mandy’s look for the show and even the mood for the upcoming season. Read on!

Stylish: Where do you draw inspiration from to get into the ‘70s style for the show?
Hala Bahmet: We work collaboratively, of course.
Mandy Moore: It’s all her.
HB: I look to a number of resources for my inspiration. I look to real people, I look to films of the time, I look to news of the time, I look to fashion magazines of the time. But also more regular and mundane stuff, like JC Penny catalogs or Sears catalogs and things that more regular people would have worn. I like to see what was happening in high fashion in any given decade because that will influence me going forward.

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Stylish: What are your tips for getting red carpet ready? Are there any essentials that you never leave the house without before going to an event?
HB: Well, I think the most important thing is to feel really comfortable in whatever it is you’re wearing, whether it’s your makeup or your gown or your shoes or whatever it is, to feel that it’s really reflective of your mood for that evening. Sometimes that means that you’ll change your mind at the last minute and you might feel differently from the fittings a few weeks earlier to when the event happens.
MM: Yeah, it’s pretty similar. I think you just have to follow your gut, ’cause it comes across how you wear it. You just want to feel confident and be comfortable and you’re gonna sort of be schlepping around all night, you know?

Stylish: Totally. That’s such a good point. And are there any products you always have in your purse for events?
MM: A lot of change. There’s not one thing in particular. Sorry, I’m terrible with these questions!

Stylish: No, no, it’s totally OK! Hard to choose just one.
MM: And my makeup bag was filled with so many different products and a myriad of different products that there’s no saying which one I’ll turn to.

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Stylish: Outside of working together on the show, are you helping Mandy design her wedding dress? Is that something you guys could possibly work on together?
MM: Haha! She’s so busy. I would never bother Hala with the personal side of things.
HB: I used to work full time for years and years as a stylist, but I don’t anymore. This show is such a big commitment. It’s so intense. It’s so intense that I can’t even get into the headspace to do that.
MM: And she’s designing so many dresses for my character to wear on the show. There’s already been a few this season. That’s what I love, because we’re able to kind of collaborate in that sense. That has a way more lasting impact then one measly event that’s gonna have a few pictures. I just mean it means a lot to be able to get inside the character’s head and come up with these gorgeous dresses and designs.

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Stylish: The audience loves the costumes because it totally takes us back into different time periods and it’s so believable. Aside from the amazing wardrobe choices, what else can we expect from season 3?
MM: Oh. We’re so not allowed to talk about it, but we’re excited because there’s a lot of ‘70s stuff that we’ve already started exploring a little bit. So that’s obviously exciting from a hair and makeup and costume perspective. There’s a little more levity. You know, less heaviness in those days. It’s all about young love.

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