Mum asked if it’s OK to charge guests at her husband’s 40th birthday party… and people are not impressed

She explains it’s his 40th birthday, and despite him not wanting a fuss she managed to persuade him to “mark the occasion in a small way”.

Deciding to arrange a fancy dinner, she’s trying to organise a meal in her parent’s home in a ‘well sought after area’.

She invited couples and their children along, but was left in a dilemma over how to foot the bill for dinner.

Posting on Mumsnet, she said: “We are going to go to my parents holiday house for the weekend with 3 couples and their dcs [dear children].

“I had the idea to have a sit down meal provided by and served by caterers.

“This will be adults only after kids gone to bed.

“This works out about £25 pp for three course meal plus cheeses.

“AIBU [am I being unreasonable] to ask people to pay for this?

“We are providing the house and all facilities so apart from food it would be only expense for everyone.”

She added there were two options she was deciding over.

Continuing, she wrote: “We were planning on providing and paying for the drinks that evening for everyone too OR the food and people bring own drinks?

“We have been to a few birthdays with a sit down meal and set menu and have always been asked to pay per person before.”

Bizarrely, the woman added that her parents charge £20-per-couple when friends come to stay.

She added: “Dh [dear husband] says we should pay that for everyone too. So with that and food and drink it's very expensive for us.”

The post has racked up more than 500 comments – with the majority of people aghast at the ides of being asked to pay to attend a meal.

One person said: “Would not attend if asked to pay. Really cheeky!!”

Another wrote: “No absolutely not ok to ask people to pay for the caterers.”

A third commented: “Your parents charge you when you have friends to stay?

“The apple does not fall far from the tree.”

This person agreed, posting: “If it's too expensive then you don't do it. You don't expect your guests to fund a fancy party for your husband.”

This person said: “Just no. You cannot ask people to pay for food at your house!”

Although one person thought it was a bargain, commenting: “I would be fine with this – paying £25 for a whole weekend away for a good friends special birthday? Amazing!”

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