Mum claims five simple hacks – such as putting two sheets on kids’ beds and using a ‘car sponge’ – have changed her life

BUSY parents have a lot on their plate, so anything to make the day-to-day easier is highly encouraged.

One mum, Lana Hallowes, claims five simple hacks have transformed her life and insists other parents should try them too.

1. Shopping car tubs

Grocery shopping can be stressful at the best of times, but when you throw kids into the mix it becomes unbearable.

Writing for, Lara claims that having tubs in her boot has made shopping easier as it eliminates the need for plastic bags and "fiddly packing" when shopping at supermarkets such as Aldi.

She says to simply toss the items in when returning to your car, and explains:"The groceries are super easy to put away when you get home – just plonk the tubs/baskets on the kitchen bench and you can see what’s what."

2. The car sponge

It certainly is a struggle trying to strap your toddler in their car seat while ensuring the door doesn't bang on the car next to you. Admit it, we've all been there.

That's where the sponge comes in handy, according to Lana, who says it almost acts as "a third arm" holding the door while you do your thing.

She says: "Keep it on the floor of your kids’ seat and then wedge it between the open door and the car, to create a cushy buffer. Now you can click and adjust the straps without stressing you might be denting the BMW parked too close to you."

3. Get some goggles – but not for swimming

Picture this, you're trying desperately to wash the filthy germs from your kids' hair only to have them squirm and wail because there's shampoo stinging their eyes.

Lana's solution is a pair of swimming goggles. Just pop them on, lather them up and rinse the shampoo from their hair with ease – no more stinging eyes.

The clever mum said it was actually her son who came up with the ideaand says "he gets great amusement out of the fact that none of those pesky suds can get in."

4. DIY lunch box cooler

Rather than buying ice packs for your kids' lunch boxes, Lana suggests making them yourself to ensure their lunch is always fresh.

She revealed her friend came up with the idea and even writes sweet messages like “I love you” and “Don’t forget your lunch box!”.

To make a DIY cooler, simply wet a new kitchen sponge, pop it in a zip lock bag and chuck it in the freezer so they'll be ready to go when you pack their lunch.

5. Double up on bed sheets

Let's face it, no matter how much you try avoiding it, little ones are still prone to wetting the bed occasionally.

To make bed changing in the middle of the nice quick and easy, Lana doubles up on sheets and mattress proctectors – and reckons it's a lifesaver.

She says: "I put a waterproof mattress protector down first, then a set of sheets, another waterproof layer (like the one pictured) followed by another sheet set.

"Then, it’s just a case of removing the wet bedding when an accident happens. A ready-made bed is already waiting underneath the waterproof layer."

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