Mum-of-two removes greasy curry stain from her carpet using hand sanitiser and the results are incredible – The Sun

AS much as we love nothing more than tucking into a delicious Indian takeaway, cleaning up any spills has to be one of our worst ever chores.

Now you can eat your favourite curry dishes in peace thanks to the help of an incredible cleaning hack, which shows how to get curry stains out of the carpet in mere seconds by using hand sanitiser.

The hack was shared by mum-of-two Zoe Jenkins, who came up with the genius idea after her 12-year-old daughter, stained the carpet.

Rylie, 12, dropped a few dollops of  "greasy chicken tikka masala" on the carpet in their home.

The 34-year-old was gutted to discover the stain the following day – by which time the food had dried and coloured the carpet.

She squeezed hand sanitising gel – which has a high alcohol content and therefore is ideal for removing stubborn stains from some surfaces – and left for 30 seconds.

After letting the gel do its magic, Zoe dabbed at it with a sponge.

Speaking to the Jam Press, she explained how she used a little spritz of carpet cleaning foam to get the last of the stubborn stain to budge.

"Use the sponge to gently scrub the stain," she advised. "The majority of the stain will come straight off, if not the whole stain. I then used a small amount of carpet cleaning foam just to ensure the entire stain was removed."

Though the trick might take more than one application of hand sanitiser to totally banish the stain, Zoe is adamant that the gel will lift the stain regardless of the length of time it has been there.

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