Mum uses £1.33 two-ingredient mix of lemon and bi-carb soda to get her filthy oven door sparkling in minutes – The Sun

A MUM has raved about a cheap cleaning solution which got her filthy oven door sparkling in minutes – with ‘minimal’ effort.

Sharing incredible before-and-after pictures, the woman revealed she managed to make her oven look as good as new just by using some lemon juice and bi-carbonate of soda.

Otherwise known as baking soda, you can pick up a tub of the stuff for £1 from The Range, while some lemon juice will set you back 33p from Waitrose.

The mum, from Australia, called it the “ultimate” hack, posting: “To the mother who recommended these to clean the oven door with… wow!

“Thank you. I've never been able to get it off with anything else.”

And the good news is it doesn’t need much elbow grease, with the woman adding: “Not a lot of effort is required either.”

Her post on Facebook group Mums Who Clean has racked up dozens of likes, as she shared her method.

She revealed she simply poured the mixture over the oven door until it formed a “paste”.

The mum added: “Just put a bit of lemon juice on the bi-carb and mix it around until it's quite thick.

“Allow it to settle onto the surface and start to bubble.”

This is caused by a chemical reaction between the two ingredients, as the soda is alkaline and the lemon is acidic.

This lifts off the grease and grime, making it so easy to clean.

All the mum had to do was rub the mixture around with her hand – using gloves – and simply wipe clean for sparkling finish.

  • Essential Waitrose lemon juice, Waitrose, 33p – buy now

  • Baking Soda, The Range, £1 – buy now

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