Mums are sharing their stunning Ikea hacks as they use the storage to make beds, desks and kids’ room dividers – The Sun

CRAFTY parents are turning simple Ikea shelving units into everything from room dividers to beds using a bit of creative thinking and some simple DIY.

The Swedish homeware store is known for its mass-produced furniture, which is popular across Britain and around the world.

One of the brand's most popular Ikea ranges is Kallax, which features two or more cube storage shelves.

Items in the Kallax series come in different colours and sizes, with items ranging from small 77 cm in length to 147 cm.

The sturdy furniture is now used not only as standard shelves, but also to create new bespoke pieces like beds, room dividers and seats without breaking the bank.

Turning Kallax units into single beds for kids or double beds is one of the most common Ikea hacks.

The Kallax shelves come as an easy-to-assemble flat pack item, while a piece of chipboard or planks of wood can be used as a bed base.

Showing off the results of her upcycling work, a mum told users of the Facebook group DIY on a Budget Official of how she cut a large piece of timber down into strips as the bed base, adding bargain buys from B&M to complete the cosy look.

One mum determined not to splash out on a doll's house for her daughter created a DIY version from a Kallax unit.

Taking to the Facebook group Extreme Couponing and Bargians UK, the woman said: "I bought an Ikea storage shelving unit (Kallax) and these drawer inserts (also Kallax), which I put upright, they act as a dolls house and there is still loads of storage behind it, which is hidden!"

Some proud parent have used the cubed units to create more ambitious bedroom decor for their kids.

One parent even created a whole Frozen-themed wonderland, including a castle and a miniature slide, with Kallax units used as a base.

Another cobbled together a Kallax unit and other Ikea storage products to make a room divider.

By placing the storage units in the middle of the room, they created a cosy sleeping area and a separate part of the room for studying and dressing.

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