Musician Izzy Judd chats kids, early mornings and finding time to chat with her McFly star husband Harry Judd

When I was younger I’d get up to practise my violin before school, and the habit has carried on into adulthood.

Normally I’m awake by 6.30am, then I’ll jump in the shower before I hear my daughter Lola, two, and son Kit, one, call for me.

Seeing their little smiling faces in the morning is my favourite part of the day.

At the moment my husband [former McFly member Harry Judd, 32] is on tour with a dance show, but when he’s at home he is the opposite of me and struggles to wake up.

I just leave him in bed!

Breakfast is manic, but fun. I’ll cut up lots of veggies and fruit to make smoothies for us all.

On busier days we’ll tuck into eggs on toast or cereal. Lola’s nursery starts at 8.30am and after that I’ll take Kit to the park or a baby music class, which he loves.

Before I know it he’ll be hungry again so we’ll head home for lunch.

I love nutrition and feeling healthy. I focus better and have so much more energy, so I make sure I drink plenty of water.

Once I’ve collected Lola from nursery at midday, she and Kit will eat together, but I won’t be hungry until a couple of hours later.

My favourite thing to rustle up is a fresh salad, but with fish not meat as I try to be pescatarian.

Nap time gives me a chance to breathe. The kids are pretty good at nodding off at 1pm, which means I have a few hours to myself. Most days I spend that time working on ideas for my new book or catching up on admin and emails.

I’ll occasionally get writer’s block, but as a mum I can’t be fussy with my time so I try to think quickly! When Lola and Kit wake up, we’ll spend an hour cuddling in front of the TV.

There’s always music on in our house. It calms the kids down when they’re being grouchy, so most nights I’ll get my violin out after dinner.

I’m so happy they’ve inherited our love of music, and they’ve got a big basket of instruments that they love playing along with. When Harry’s not touring he’ll get home from his various projects at 6.30pm, which gives us a chance to spend the evening together.

Bath time is special. Some days just pass by and you realise you’re not actually taking it all in, so I use bath time with the kids as a chance to put away my phone and enjoy what a lovely age they’re at.

They have sensitive skin, so afterwards we always have a pamper routine with nice moisturisers to get them cosy and ready for bed by 8pm.

Harry and I have dinner together and chat about our days, but then we’ll head our separate ways to watch TV.

I love Strictly and Britain’s Got Talent, whereas Harry likes sports or intense crime dramas.

I’ll see him again at bedtime, which is usually around 10.30pm.

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