My neighbour reported me to the council for having sex too loud – I’ll never stop so I forked out £3k to fix the problem | The Sun

THERE’S nothing more awkward than having people complain they can hear you when in the bedroom.

Well, one woman has revealed that not only was she mortified when her neighbour complained about the noises they were hearing, but that she was actually reported to the council about the racket.

Sophie, a secretary from Harpenden, Herts, was fed up with her neighbours complaining about her noisy sex, so went to extreme lengths to fix the problem.

And no, she didn’t tone down the noise in the bedroom – instead, she got double glazing fitted in her house instead.

The Mirror reported that after facing an investigation from environmental health officers from her local council, Sophie knew something had to be done.

Sophie explained that she makes a loud noise when she is with a new lover because she finds sex exciting when it’s fresh.

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She said: "I lose all inhibitions when the sex is good and I do end up screaming the house down.

“The neighbours used to bang on the walls to shut me up and when that didn’t work they shopped me to the council.

“I love sex so much that I knew I was never going to be able to stifle my passion so I got double glazing fitted to muffle my screams. I got one of my lovers to pay for it – it was the best £3,000 we ever spent.”

Sophie’s problems started when she signed up for, the UK’s leading affairs site.

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She explained that she finds sex in a long-term relationship boring and so wanted to meet new lovers through

She continued: "My first affair was with a rich insurance broker whose wife had gone off sex. We went for dinner and then straight back to mine for sex.

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“He was an amazing lover with incredible stamina. I was making a right racket until the early hours and I knew I was going to be in the neighbours’ bad books the next day.

"A few days later I got a visit from environmental health. I promised that I would not do it again and they let me off with a warning.”

After Sophie then got lucky with a second lover –  she knew the neighbours wouldn’t be happy, so made the decision to get her windows double glazed.

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She added: "I knew that the neighbours were going to complain again and that is when he suggested I get double glazing. He had a mate who did a deal and got them fixed with extra thick glass.

"Now I can make as much racket as I like and the neighbours cannot hear a thing.”

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