Nina Agdal Embraced All Her Flaws in This Aerie Bikini, and We're Clapping Our Damn Hands

Love the swim you’re in! ❤️ Another looong caption guys, sryyy ? I think we all go through phases of feeling great about ourselves, and phases where we tend to look in the mirror and only see our “flaws”. I have been a size 0 and ive been a size 8, I’ve been told i was too skinny, I’ve been told i needed to lose weight. And a lot of times, even though ive had some negative comments from people in my industry, this battle has been going on in my own head. I do believe were our own worst critic. Self criticism is just as tough if not tougher than critism from other people. Its an internal battle with yourself, that many women and men deal with. I’ve had times in my life, just like some of you reading this, where i wasn’t comfortable in a swimsuit, or even a pair of skinny jeans, because of that muffin top or because i thought my butt was too big. I’ve always had a hard time feeling comfortable wearing shirts or dresses that enhances my breast or my shoulders because of what i thought i saw when i looked in that mirror. I thought my breasts were “too much” and i wanted to hide my “swimmer shoulders”. We all have our insecurities and thats okay. What is important is that we dont turn it into an illusion that we are not good enough, and that we address it. All these “flaws” are perfect because thats what makes you you. If we all looked the same it would be a pretty boring place to be living in. I am finally in a place where i can look myself in the mirror, smile and say “you look great”. I’ve come to this place by realizing whats important and whats not. And by practicing self love and self care. Take care of your body, its your home for life. And take care of your mental health, how you treat and speak to AND about yourself. That will determine how you look at you and everything else around you. Embrace your flaws, you wouldn’t be you without them. Aerie is giving us a way to help people who needs the extra support. For every unretouched swim photo you share with #AerieREAL, @aerie will donate $1 (up to $25K) to @NEDA , a non-profit that supports those affected by eating disorders. #aeriepartner

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Nina Agdal has so many Instagrammable bikinis, we’ve lost track of how many she owns. The model, who’s Aerie’s brand ambassador alongside Iskra Lawrence, posted yet another bikinigram, but this one came with an empowering message. Nina rocked a cute printed bikini top with matching high-waisted bottoms ($45, originally $60) from Aerie while standing on a dock.

The model wrote a very inspiring caption about the brand, which teamed up with The National Eating Disorders Association, and encouraged her fans to love the swim they’re in by posting unretouched photos of themselves in their swimsuits. “Embrace your flaws, you wouldn’t be you without them,” she wrote. Keep scrolling to see her swimsuit and read her full empowering caption.

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