No sunnies? No problem! Adopt the ‘shadeseeker’ Instagram pose Kylie Jenner and Emily Ratajkowski love

And if you look closely you'll notice a number of them have been pulling the same "shadeseeker" pose

This is where the A-lister puts a hand across their forehead to shield their eyes from the sun.

Yes, we know. That's what sunglasses are for.

But if the pair in your beach bag don't go with your carefully put-together swimwear look, what are you supposed to do?

Some are even whipping out the pose while wearing their sunnies – we're looking at you, Louise Thompson.

Despite its obvious flaw, the "shadeseeker" is clearly catching on.

Stars including Emily Ratajkowski, Alexa Chung, Lucy Watson and Kylie Jenner have all given it a go, and there's a good reason why.

It's super-flattering, allowing the poser to avoid awkward shadows across their face, move their hair into position and adopt a more candid stance.

So, would you give it a go?

Another new Instagram pose is the "straddle" and Amber Davies, Kourtney Kardashian and Rosie Williams are loving it.

Instagram's head of fashion, Eva Chen, has also created the "baby giraffe" pose.

And the "plandid" is another pose the stars are obsessed with… so can YOU guess what it is?

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