One in ten Brits regularly "forget" to brush their teeth

And yet a shocking new survey has revealed that one in three Brits regularly forgets to brush their teeth.

Researchers polled 2,000 adults and found that too many aren't doing enough to keep their mouths and teeth healthy.

One in ten admitted to using chewing gum rather than toothpaste to keep their teeth "clean".

So it's hardly surprising that eighty per cent after suffering from some kind of oral hygiene problems – whether that's sensitivity (33 per cent), cavities (32 per cent) and bleeding gums (31 per cent).

So why are so many adults failing to look after such a vital area of health?

Well, it might be down to the fact that a whopping 43 per cent claim to have no idea how to maintain oral hygiene.

Commissioned by Colgate Total, researchers found that just nine per cent consider mouth health to be important – despite the fact that poor oral hygiene is responsible for loads of common chronic diseases.

Colgate Total ambassador, Davina McCall, said: “I’ve learnt today that you shouldn’t rinse your mouth out after brushing – you should keep all that fluoride in your mouth and let it settle – spit don’t rinse.

"Whole mouth health is so important, we don’t think about it enough – it’s just as important as other areas of health and fitness.


“It’s such an obvious thing that we are forgetting, but our teeth are only 20 per cent of our mouth – we shouldn’t neglect the other 80 per cent including the cheeks, tongue and gums."

Experts say the majority of oral health problems can be prevented or reduced through daily oral care.

Simple things like gingivitis can be prevented with regular brushing.

Bizarrely, two thirds of respondents said that brushing couldn't stop tooth decay…when it definitely can reduce it.

Dr Milad Shadrooh, better known as 'the singing dentist', said: “When most people think about oral health they just think about their teeth.

“The tongue, cheeks and gums harbour bacteria, needing a similar level of protection as teeth to help achieve whole mouth health.

“As a dentist, I actively work with my patients to help them appreciate the importance of whole mouth health."

“Through education, we can show how easily people can prevent problems before they start by equipping them with the right information and products to look after their mouth health at home.”

Dr. Patricia Verduin, chief technology officer, Colgate-Palmolive Company, added: “Overall wellness is important to everyone, and total self-care means caring for the whole mouth, too.

“We rely on our mouth to eat, drink, speak and laugh, but often neglect areas beyond teeth."

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