Oprah Discovered Hollywood’s Next Face Mask Obsession, and It’s Just $12 on Amazon

There are few things more powerful than Oprah’s Favorite Things List. And while we’re sure the results of this year’s election rank high on her list (she called on her prayer warriors last week to help ensure democracy would prevail), everything else she loves can be readily bought on Amazon. Prayer warriors not necessary. 

There are plenty of things on the list to get excited about, including Oprah’s endorsement of Telfar’s best-selling shopper bag, which always sells out in minutes. The bag known as the “Bushwick Birkin” is so enormously popular that Oprah caused it to sell out yet again shortly after becoming available on Amazon for the first time ever. But that’s just how 2020 goes. We can never have a good thing for too long these days. 

Of course, Oprah loves many things. Remarkably, almost all of them are still in stock right now, most notably a $35 set of three face masks by Tory Burch. If you didn’t know Tory Burch made face masks, you’re not alone — the designer’s set sold out shortly after launch. But now, thanks to Oprah, they’re available on Amazon with Prime shipping. You get a Tory Burch face mask! And you get a Tory Burch face mask! 

Par for the course with Hollywood’s favorite face coverings, these are bound to be everywhere and then nowhere. After Katie Holmes was spotted in an Evolvetogether face mask, the brand had to restock six million more to keep up with the demand. The same can be said of Wolford face masks, whose recent spotting on Adele caused a sell-out on Amazon. The fervor for Tory Burch’s face masks is bound to be just as intense not only because Oprah said they’re her favorite but because Hollywood in general is obsessed with everything the designer makes. And they’ll go perfect with the logo Miller flip-flop they all wear. 

Even though it’s November, this year is finally starting to look up. And while the world may not deserve Oprah, we might as well celebrate with some of Oprah’s favorite things. 

Shop Oprah’s favorite face mask on Amazon below. 

Tory Burch Women’s Travel Face Covering Set

amazon tory burch women's travel face covering set

Shop now: $35; amazon.com

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