Panto ban, £100k from acting roles and £78k from Instagram endorsements – what Roxanne Pallett could lose after becoming Britain's most hated celeb

The 35-year-old looked set to raise her profile after a quiet few months away from the acting industry,  netting a massive fee – rumoured to be £750,000 – for taking part in the reality TV show, and thousands more in potential brand endorsements on Instagram and media opportunities.

But following a row in which she accused Ryan Thomas of punching her during a play fight, describing him as a "woman beater" and causing him to get a formal warning – she has turned this opportunity into a PR disaster.

She quit the hit telly show following the 'punch' row and has been condemned by celebrities and viewers of the show for her lies – and for making a mockery of real domestic abuse victims.

And after leaving the house on Saturday she faced more blows to her reputation, with a former friend going viral on Twitter revealing Roxanne had bullied her to the point where she'd had to switch schools  – and EastEnders' star Sam Attwater said she'd had falsely accused him of hitting her too.

In a bid to clear her name, Roxanne appeared on Jeremy Vine this morning, saying she had "got things wrong"- and on tonight's episode of CBB she will be interviewed by Emma Willis – but will it be enough?

Given that she walked from the show, it is unlikely Roxanne will be pocketing her huge £750,000 fee from Channel 5, but her financial losses – and reputational damage – will go way beyond that.

Here, Sun Online asks celebrity PR expert Mischa Joslin, who is Managing Director of leading branding and PR agency EdenCancan, to talk us through what Roxy stands to lose due to her new-found infamy.

£78k a year lost from Instagram deals

Mischa says that Celebrity Big Brother was a "gateway to getting Roxanne's name back on the public radar" and a chance to bag herself tons of brand endorsements.

She tells Sun Online: "Before the show I imagine she would have been charging around £750 for a branded post on Instagram.

"Had she succeeded on the show and boosted her followers and reputation she easily could have doubled that fee.

"That means if she’d done one branded post a week she could have netted herself around £78k a year just from social media posts."

But, after being trolled by furious viewers, Roxy was forced to delete her social media channels – meaning that earning opportunity is now out of the window.

Fashion brands won't work with her – costing Roxy £100k

However, her reputation is now on the line – and Mischa describes her as "public enemy number one".

The punch incident – where Roxanne claimed that Ryan had punched her "several times in the ribs" has dominated the showbiz news agenda, and while his career is now set to soar following his exit – or potential win – on CBB after receiving support from many fans and ex-colleagues, Roxy's image is damaged.

Another £100,000 a year lost from TV work

And while Roxanne had previously stated she was quitting soap acting, she could have been tempted back into this lucrative career.

There has been an outpouring of negative comments from fellow co-stars about the actress – and this could have put the final nail in her career coffin.

A staggering 20 of Roxanne's final Emmerdale co-stars have slammed her on Twitter.

Sammy Winward, who played Katie Sugden in the hit ITV show said "it's been a long time coming," while Danny Miller who plays Aaron Dingle wrote: "Roxanne’s a known, compulsive liar. Ryan wouldn’t harm a fly. Horrible, attention seeking little liar."

Eastenders' star Sam Allwater said Roxanne was "‘dangerous" and revealed she previously accused him of hitting her during their Rocky Horror tour.

"She did this to me on Rocky Horror tour. Except she hit me and ran off stage saying I’d hit her," he said.

Mischa says that had things gone well on CBB she could have seen Roxanne taking a role on Hollyoaks or Holby City.

"However, they are both shows that pride themselves on their cast getting on and I think this negativity from the industry will sadly hinder any acting ambitions.

"A show like that could have paid her around £100,000 a year to be a cast regular, so she's potentially lost a lot of money," adds Mischa.

£75,000 loss from being cut from panto

Roxanne is a panto regular – and is set to appear in Cinderella in Chesterfield later this year.

Co-star Rhydian Roberts has joked to concerned fans that he will have to wear a bodycam at all times when around the shamed star while performing.

But it's possible she could lose out on her role and be replaced, especially after she faced bullying accusations from a former school friend.

Sophie Banks's Twitter post went viral over the weekend, with the former classmate of Roxanne saying: "so 24 years ago I was bullied at school and left because it was so bad. Today the entire nation sees my school bully’s true colours."

Sophie claims she was forced to move schools due to Roxanne making her life "miserable".

It is unlikely that family-friendly panto producers would want to hire a former bully.

Can she turn things around?

Still, Mischa believes it may not be all negative for the star – and says that owning up to her mistakes in today's television appearances is a "great start".

Mischa believes if she touches on that connection she may be able to "show a human side of her that viewers will understand."

And Roxanne has already been accused of her interviews being a "PR stunt" by fans on Twitter, who have messaged Emma Willis, begging her to "go in hard" and "grill" Roxanne tonight.


However, it is the savage critiques from former co-workers and former friends that will be harder for Roxanne to get away with, and she will need a robust crisis communications plan put into place to fix things things.

It seems only  time will tell if she can forge a new narrative that will allow her to re-build her career for the better.

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