Paris Hilton's Fiancé Chris Zylka Helped Her Create Her 'Exotic' and 'Sexy' 24th Fragrance

After 15 years in the fragrance industry, Paris Hilton knows everything there is about perfume. But when it came to developing her 24th scent, Hilton made sure it still got her man’s stamp of approval.

“It is always important to get [fiancé Chris Zylka’s] opinion,” Hilton, 37, tells PEOPLE of creating Platinum Rush Paris Hilton For Women Eau de Parfum. “He is the one I care about and who I am with all the time, so every time I am picking a new scent he will help me. Ultimately I make the decision, but he loves Platinum Rush. He thinks it is so sexy.”

As for the aroma, which includes notes of crisp Asian pear (Hilton’s favorite), mango, green florals and cashmere musks, Hilton says the “exotic” creation has already gotten tons of positive feedback.

“I always get compliments every time I wear my fragrances, but with this one, every minute people are asking what I am wearing,” she tells PEOPLE. “It is so unique and different. I am so excited with the response and how much everyone loves it.”

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Now with 24 different perfumes and colognes under her belt (and a 25th coming just in time for her wedding!), Hilton’s built an entire showroom in her house to display every one of her “babies.”

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“It has display cases that are all lit up. It looks like a store and has every single one of my products and perfume,” Hilton tells us, adding that some her cases have up to 200 products. “And in my bathroom I have a beautiful antique boudoir that is filled with all of the bottles. I love that every bottle almost looks like a piece of art.”

Besides keeping busy this summer traveling Europe on the Platinum Rush Tour and planning her upcoming nuptials, Hilton launched her first namesake skincare line, which she says works so well, she’s never needed to get Botox, fillers or plastic surgery.

“The Pro DNA Serum literally makes you age backwards. It repairs your cells and it has real results. I am obsessed with it. All summer my makeup artist told me, ‘I have never seen your skin look so amazing and you’re basically on a plane and you’re deejaying every night until six in the morning.’ This is the fountain of youth,” Hilton says.

Creating natural, cruelty-free products has been a dream of Hilton’s from a young age. “I am just so proud because I’ve always been obsessed with skincare. I’ve always taken really good care of my skin. My mom gave me great advice to stay out of the sun and taught me about eye creams and serums and neck creams since I was eight years old, so I want to share that beauty secret with the world,” she says.

“I just want girls to be preventative and start at a young age taking care of their skin and not putting all this poison in their faces. Who knows in a couple of years what they are going to find out is in all this stuff that people are doing to themselves.”

Since launching the line, Hilton’s even convinced her fiancé to start a basic skincare regimen.

“He never really cared about any of that stuff before. [Chris] was never really the type to use skincare,” she explains. “But now he loves the moisturizer and cleanser. Now I give him little facials and every night before bed we put it on together. He’s really into it because he sees that it works!”

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