People are entranced by next-level bird lover’s “pigeon shoes’

Most people consider pigeons to be the rats of the sky. But Keiko Ohata isn’t most people.

The Japanese artist happens to consider them feathered friends. In fact, she’s so fond of them that she designed a pair of shoes in their likeness, Footwear News reports.

On her blog, Ohata details the painstaking creation of her pigeon pumps, from mock-up to completion. The goal: to become “popular with a group of pigeons.”

Ohata began with a pair of black high heels, foam and a love of birds. From there, she devised a pair of heels that is almost indistinguishable from bona fide birds.

Once finished, Ohata took her creation to Ueno Park in Tokyo — a spot that’s something of a pigeon’s Mecca — and tried to see how close she could get to the birds.

She didn’t have much luck at first, but onlookers were certainly amused.

Luckily, Ohata’s uncle came to the rescue with breadcrumbs, making her fledgling dreams a reality.


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